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Comment: 100% in favor of breaking old business apps (Score 1) 252

by rainmayun (#43270659) Attached to: Testers Say IE 11 Can Impersonate Firefox Via User Agent String
Any app that still depends on an ancient, deprecated version of MSIE should be sunsetted. Developing new, modern replacements for those apps is exactly the kind of capital investment that companies have been putting off since 2002. It is long overdue, and it is the kind of investment that will actually get the economy growing at a much better pace. Good riddance to old cruft.

Comment: Re:Do Something You're Not Good At (Score 1) 823

by rainmayun (#41767373) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Rectifying Nerd Arrogance?
My favorite suggestion for something you can do to teach you humility: try to grow food. If possible, outside in natural conditions. Unless you grew up on a farm, it's a lot harder than you think, yet it's a basic skill for human survival. Even in the city, you can grow something in a small pot somewhere. If you're stuck in a dormitory, find a community vegetable garden and go volunteer there for a season. It can be both incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding to harvest and eat something you grew and nurtured from a seedling.

Comment: Filter for top talent? (Score 1) 362

by rainmayun (#41289963) Attached to: One Company's Week-Long Interview Process
My current employer already has a problem getting otherwise bright & capable candidates to submit code samples against a simple problem that take experienced devs all of a couple of hours to do. They decide the hurdles to hire elsewhere are lower, and don't bother to finish our problem. Yeah, you might say maybe we don't want them, but the truth is that sometimes we do, and it takes a very long time to fill some of our positions since top talent has their pick of jobs. The core issue is that they don't generally know us as a company before the hire process begins, and therefore have no personal incentive to prefer us ahead of time. We aren't Google, we don't have Google's reputation, and we aren't going to become Google anytime soon.

+ - Math curriculum to understand General Relativity 3

Submitted by
sjwaste writes "Slashdot posts a fair number of physics stories. Many of us, myself included, don't have the background to understand them. So I'd like to ask the Slashdot math/physics community to construct a curriculum that gets me, an average college grad with two semesters of chemistry, one of calculus, and maybe 2-3 applied statistics courses all the way to understanding the mathematics of general relativity. What would I need to learn, in what order, and what texts should I use? Before I get killed here, I know this isn't a weekend project, but it seems like it could be fun to do in my spare time for the next... decade."

+ - 3D Gaming Coming To Chrome->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Video gaming is a big topic for web browsers as well as HTML5, but there are few enthusiast gamers who are taking this scenario serious. Can a Joystick API and a 3D Client change the perception?"
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Comment: Re:PHP can't get better. It drives away anyone goo (Score 2) 165

by rainmayun (#37173570) Attached to: Serious Crypto Bug Found In PHP 5.3.7
A bug in a library function shows how a language is poorly designed? Methinks you need a little more logical organization to your thoughts. and I can't help but laugh at "no good developer would want to publicly admit that they've contributed to PHP". Perhaps no good developer would want to admit to posting your comment, hence Anonymous Coward status.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.