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+ - 3 Day BlackBerry Outage Spreads to North America->

Submitted by
iONiUM writes "With increasing pressure on RIM to catch up to the new phones, and the upcoming release of the iPhone 4S, could this three day outage of BlackBerry's service be a nail in the coffin? From the article 'The service disruptions are the worst since an outage swept north America two years ago, and come as Apple prepares to put on sale its already sold-out iPhone 4S on Friday.'"
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+ - Adobe Warns of Attacks Exploiting Vulnerability->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Adobe has issued a warning of a newly identified critical vulnerability in its Flash Player, and that the vulnerability is being exploited in targeted attacks via a Flash (.swf) file embedded in Microsoft Excel (.xls) files delivered via email.

According to the advisory, the vulnerability (CVE-2011-0609) could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. [More]"

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Comment: Re:Uh, why just TI? (Score 4, Interesting) 405

by conteXXt (#29739543) Attached to: EFF Warns TI Not To Harass Calculator Hobbyists

Exactly. If the EFF decides to pursue this to the end, it will more than likely give others pause when trying to stop people from USING their PURCHASED electronic devices.

They aren't talking about "hacking IP". They are talking about using hardware, think linux on Intel hardware. If Intel required signed bootloaders, do you think the law would protect them too?


New Chrome Beta Adds Themes, Speed, & HTML 5 Video 207

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the battle-heats-up dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "Google developers are always working on and updating Chrome in three channels — Stable, Beta, and Developer — in increasing positions on the bleeding-edge scale. Today the company thought changes to the Beta channel warranted a post on the main Google Blog. The advances range from the superficial addition of themes for customizing the browser's window borders to even faster speed under the hood to internal support for HTML 5 tags such as <video> and 'web workers,' which allows the browser to divvy processing work among sub-threads."

Comment: Re:Pavement (Score 3, Insightful) 712

by conteXXt (#28115585) Attached to: Painting The World's Roofs White Could Slow Climate Change

Asphalt has it's issues in cold climates.

Up here in Toronto, highways are concrete (yes concrete) with an asphalt layer on top.

Every summer the asphalt has to be repaired, leading to our two seasons.

Winter, and Road Repair.

Things may be similar in the midwest but I am only speculating.

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