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Comment: Worst article ever (Score 1) 72

by raides (#41448929) Attached to: New York Times Takes Aim At Data Center
If you think this article isn't terrible, front page lul is the following: http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2012/09/23/us/jp-data-5.html Apparently Corning now makes diskless, powerless servers built on nothing but fiber. This article is a damn joke. The internet industry is one of the best on power consumptions. Why? Mainly because all companies are aware of the trouble that other industries have already endured and they are intelligent enough to plan around those issues.

Comment: Funny How It Works Today (Score 1) 880

I am so pleased to see that today's generation of young gamers are more accepting of linux that this can be a possibility. Id Software tried just over 20 years ago with distribution via lokigames.com but the project failed due to lack of support to PAY for a linux game at the time and the over production of product that left lokigames to go bankrupt. Hopefully Valve has a better business plan. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I have a feeling they do.

Comment: Re:First Post ... sadly (Score 1) 77

by raides (#25187815) Attached to: Disappointing Cancer Study Results Go Unreported
Um. You name me 1 doctor in this world that posts negative results, and there will be 10 doctors to shut him down completely. This is nothing new. Doctors are not known for posting negative results to any journal. In fact there are age old Doctor jokes you can google that make fun of doctors that do post negative results.

+ - Possible ZiffDavis.com Security Breach->

Submitted by
raides writes "Last night around 4 am EST a local forum website, www.4chan.org , had a post made on their forums by a user claiming that Foxnews.com was hacked. It seemed the htaccess files were removed from the site's root folders, and both root images and admin folders were open to the public.

For the next couple of hours multiple users posted secure information about employees for Foxnews.com , including cell phone numbers, resumes, private emails, etc. Later it was found that ziffdavis.com was the crux of the hack, and clients like foxnews.com were the ones who suffered the most. Once ftp information was posted on the forum's thread, ziffdavis.com's ftp was flooded with joke ftp directory creation and files. Another company, Acxiom, also suffered the loss of important company data. Including internal emails, resumes, and email addresses.

At about 7 am EST , the thread on www.4chan.org was deleted and a few hours later access files were replaced back on foxnews.com. No report was made on their website and no report was made publicly. Many employees had their personal information compromised and can make a legal suit against their employer. I make this post to see what comments would be made about any actions that could be taken by employees, as well as share an interesting event on the internet to its community."

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