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Comment Re:10% cut? (Score 1) 291

When I've seen layoffs good people often do depart because being in a company, never knowing if you're next to clean desk, is very stressful. Some simply don't wait for the severence, but proactively find somewhere else to go. It's all part of the risk that the company may lose a keystone employee here or there.
I'm seeing this happen at my company right now. In fact, I turned in my notice today after getting an offer from a startup. Back in November, we laid off 5% of the "dead weight" or those who had scored low on their annual reviews. The thing is, we really didn't have much dead weight, and the distribution to determine the five percent was very forced. Basically, management said thou shalt cut 5% of your engineering staff for each and every department. Since then, we've lost three device engineers, half the layout staff, and one of our principal engineers was spotted running around the parking garage making suspicious phone calls. I'm getting out before I piss someone off and land on the "refresh" list.

Microsoft to Supply Electronics to Formula 1 433

Yooden_Vranx writes " reports that beginning in 2008, Microsoft will be the sole supplier of Engine Control Units to Formula 1. Apparently, moving to a single supplier is part of the FIA's (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) attempts to cut costs. The article does not clarify whether this cost reduction is enabled by cutting back on tech support, what percentage of the engine's power will be required to run all the 'features' embedded in the device, or whether 'crash' will now refer primarily to software behavior rather than driving incidents."

The Shallow Roots of the Human Family Tree 760

An anonymous reader writes to mention an AP story about research discussing the relatively recent origins of every human on earth. Despite the age of our species, every human on earth can trace their ancestry back to someone who may have lived as recently as the Golden Age of Greece (around 500 BC). From the article: "It is human nature to wonder about our ancestors -- who they were, where they lived, what they were like. People trace their genealogy, collect antiques and visit historical sites hoping to capture just a glimpse of those who came before, to locate themselves in the sweep of history and position themselves in the web of human existence. But few people realize just how intricately that web connects them not just to people living on the planet today, but to everyone who ever lived."

Notebook with Huge 20 Inch Screen Reviewed 307

An anonymous reader writes "Trusted reviews has a look at the Acer Aspire 9800. This massive machine has a 20.1" screen, two 120GB hard drives in a RAID 0 array, super-multi DVD burner, analogue and digital TV tuners and an Intel Core Duo dual core CPU. And at over 17lb you can even use it for weight training!"

Can Peer-To-Peer Finance Work? 261

Dotnaught writes "Two companies, Prosper and Zopa, appear to be convinced that social networking can be combined with borrowing and lending. They're intent on using eBay as a model for listing and bidding on loans without the involvement of a bank. Call it peer-to-peer finance. There are already some 800 groups on Prosper ready to loan money to specific causes, such as the Apple User Group, 'a lending group for those wishing to purchase either a Macintosh or Apple iPod.'"

Bill Would Outlaw Digital Receiver Recorders 487

mjdroner writes "ZD-Net has the latest on a sweeping telecom bill in the Senate. The bill provides no support for net neutrality. The bill does, however, include a provision to authorize the FCC to outlaw digital receivers that record broadcasts. The article states that those receivers would be replaced with devices that treat anything with an audio broadcast flag as copy-protected."
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Journal Journal: Women!

Okay, I'm frustrated. Last night, I took a lady out to dinner. (this was our third time out.) We had a good time, enjoyed the meal together, and then went for dessert and coffee at a different restaraunt.


Journal Journal: Apple notes

I went to Halcyon,a little coffee shop in Downtown Austin, last week; and it looked like I'd walked into an Apple commercial. I counted three iBooks and four PowerBooks (including my own.) There was one guy there with a Dell, and it was the only PC in the room.

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Journal Journal: More on the Mac, work issues

Okay, just a few things to add to the Mac diary. The system is working great, and I'm hooked on iTunes. I don't see any reason to buy CDs anymore. I also got an iPod to go with the computer so I can take my music to the office. We are absolutely forbidden from walking in with our own computers. This has led to some interesting issues, like how to get the PowerPoint slides I put together on the airplane a couple of weeks ago into the office to do my presentation. (I burned the file to CD

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Journal Journal: Joining the Cult, part 1a: DHL Rocks

Okay, I placed my order with Mac Connection last night after dinner. I opted for overnight figuring I'd receive it Monday. I got an email this morning with package tracking number this morning around 8. On checking, I discovered that they already had it on a truck in Austin. Apparently, their state to state transport is being handled by either Superman or Mr. Scott.

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