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Comment: Re:Google WTF are you doing? (Score 1) 154

by rahulov (#45167177) Attached to: Google To Support Windows XP Longer Than Microsoft
Windows XP is by many critrerias still better than any newer Microsoft OS. It is fast, takes less resources (RAM), supports more devices, can run more applications. Windows XP is actualy so good OS that Microsoft actualy needs to shut it down in order to make people buy new HW and OS. Security is only excuse they have.

Comment: Re:SSH? (Score 1) 607

by rahulov (#44777643) Attached to: NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption
This looks like conspiracy theory but still. XSL attack. Bruce Schneier and Niels Ferguson write, "We have one criticism of AES: we don't quite trust the security What concerns us the most about AES is its simple algebraic structure No other block cipher we know of has such a simple algebraic representation. We have no idea whether this leads to an attack or not, but not knowing is reason enough to be skeptical about the use of AES." (Practical Cryptography, 2003, pp56–57)

Comment: Re:What the fuck are you going on about? (Score 1) 344

by rahulov (#41655213) Attached to: Windows 8: Do I Really Need a Single OS?

Microsoft itself has created an operating system and application platform which allows the same applications to run on a $200 throw away netbook and a $2000 workstation or a $20,000 multiprocessor array drive server.

As far as i know this holds mostly for POSIX based operating systems, (Portable Operating System Interface) and some UNIX executables from 70' can still run on todays Linux. Do i have any gauarntee that my apllication writen on .NET today, will run at least 15 years later on Window 2030?

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