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Comment: Re:With all due respect... (Score 4, Insightful) 382

by rahlskog (#39688223) Attached to: Banned From Kickstarter For Being Cyberstalked
I was just thinking that she might just get 4chan/Anon on the job of hunting the stalker, they tend to like a good challenge. On the other hand it might just be 4chan/Anon doing this and then there is really nothing you can do about it.

Funny world this is turning into where Anon is the solution and the cause of many problems. But I'd rather have a chaotic-neutral internet overlord than the lawful-evil corporate Lordship that uses the law to strangle us.

Comment: Re:heh (Score 1) 1091

by rahlskog (#39432435) Attached to: Why Linux Can't 'Sell' On the Desktop
That is actually not a bad thing, picking up Gentoo after bouncing between Windows and RedHat/Mandrake/SuSE for a few years was what finally got me hooked, I actually understood what I was doing and I felt I had the power to fix things when they broke. Having to go through the steps to setup a working system made me understand how things work instead of popping in a disc and pressing next and just re-doing it when I broke it.

Then I went kind of odd and started maintaining kernel patch-sets and telling people how to re-size/move their partitions using pen, paper, a calculator and dd

Comment: Re:Everybody in Slashdot already knew that (Score 1) 447

by rahlskog (#39432301) Attached to: Former Nokia Exec: Windows Phone Strategy Doomed
Maybe headquartered in Finland, on paper at best. They have been firing all manufacturing staff and most engineers, not made in Finland anymore. I love my N900 but I am not getting another Nokia.

However the brainwashing runs deep in the corporate sector, has to be Nokia Windows Phone to be patriotic. No matter if the phone does not work with the mail sync or handles contacts with scandic characters properly, that's just a minor issue. Any other phone would have been burned at the stake for that.

Comment: Re:Copyright and patent laws reform, here I come (Score 1) 181

by rahlskog (#39218439) Attached to: Open Ministry Crowdsources Laws In Finland
Sign me up for that. I was just thinking about how I could use it to force an overhaul of the patent/copyright system. I bet I directly know at least 15 others that will support it without convincing also and they then again know people that will do the same.

Lets get the ball rolling.

Comment: I wish them all the best on this one (Score 2) 748

by rahlskog (#38129484) Attached to: MS To Build Antivirus Into Win8: Boon Or Monopoly?
As I see it the anti-virus peddlers can go the way of the dodo.

What the whole Internet Explorer deal was inherently a different thing, that was about a Microsoft subverting a whole platform and perverting standards with their time honored EEE tactics. In this case I see no harm in them choking the cash flow of the companies that bought us security suites that slow down disk performance to unacceptable rates and consume most of your available RAM. Not to mention the constant fear-mongering on how at risk you are.

If I am bitter it is because I have seen too many computers reduced to useless paperweights by Norton, F-Secure and McAfee and the local ISP is force-selling Internet Protection at 75€/year/computer to customers who don't fight back enough.

Wernher von Braun settled for a V-2 when he coulda had a V-8.