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Comment: Re:About time (Score 1) 494

by rahlquist (#29768899) Attached to: Texas Teen Arrested Under New Online Harassment Law

Exactly right. My often repeated favorite train of thought is that words have no power you do not give them.

If I say hookadookie is a racist slur that demeans Joe Red neck I have given that word no power. But if Joe Redneck accepts that definition and allows his emotions to say that word is painful/harmful to him then he has empowered the word.

Words are a conceptualization, as such they have no power.

Comment: Re:Legalization (Score 1) 647

by rahlquist (#28944955) Attached to: Philips Develops Roadside Drug-Testing Device

This could go a long way towards treating other drugs like alcohol for driving purposes. One of the major roadblocks in legalization was no field test for driving while impaired.

The sad thing is that the way alcohol is treated makes no sense. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of accidents caused by drinking are caused by people with BACs of 0.15 or higher. Instead of paroling the roadways looking for these drivers (who are usually swerving all over the road -- how many times have you seen this with no police anywhere to be seen?) the police tend to sit outside bars and pull everybody over, looking for those who blow a hair over 0.08.

Part of the reason for what you say above is simple, the human body only absorbs alcohol so fast. A person with a 0.08 now could have a .15 in 20 mins. Better nab them too early than too late.


+ - How to stop a spambot attack? 3

Submitted by
rahlquist writes "Recently one of my sites has been under a slow and steady spambot attack. They were slowly inserting trackback spam so as not to arouse suspicion. When you insert 119,000 trackbacks over a week though, sooner or later, it will be noticed. The situation is under control now, and each IP that tries to submit a trackback now gets blocked through iptables (40 blocked ip's in the last 30 mins), short of contacting each server owner, how can I get this stopped?"
Media (Apple)

+ - Infinite Macbook Air commercials

Submitted by Cyborganism
Cyborganism (630378) writes "Dear slashdotters,

I live in Canada and my girlfriend and I are sick of the Macbook Air commercial. That ad is playing in every commercial break on almost all of our channels, and sometimes more than once, even twice in a row! Honestly, we can't take it anymore because we can't watch TV for a minute without hearing Feist's song and it sticks in our minds every time.

Now I know Apple paid a lot of money for their ad to play so much and the TV companies are just doing their end of the deal by showing it. But I can't help but feel like I'm being brainwashed. Isn't there a way to decrease the number of times that these ads are played? Who should we contact? Apple or the broadcasters directly?"

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