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Journal: Weird Ubuntu Wireless Shenannigans 1 1

I got a call from the gf the other day at work. She was at home doing homework on her Ubuntu laptop and said the Internet wasn't working. I believe she said she couldn't connect to the Wireless, actually. So I had her turn off the router and turn it back on. When that didn't work, I said I'd be home in a bit, because trying to walk her through troubleshooting is a nightmare. So first thing's first, I tried pinging Google from my desktop, which also connects wirelessly. I'd get about 39 pings

Comment: Re:Just run your own (Score 1) 146 146

Well DNS isn't really secured, so if you're worried about the CIA intercepting your DNS traffic, I don't think which DNS server you use is going to be extremely important there.

But yeah, any DNS server could gather and store records about every query, and which IP address the query came from. Many people don't consider that amount of data to be invasive enough to worry about. For most people, the worst information it would leak is that, just like almost everyone else, you're visiting porn sites.

Comment: Re:Just run your own (Score 3, Insightful) 146 146

Someone may correct me if there's more to it, but I think it's just that some people are uncomfortable with Google having so much access to information about us. Any DNS server you access will have the potential to keep records of which IP addresses made which queries, which potentially gives Google even more tracking data. As far as I know, there's no real sign that they're using that data, but to some extent, they're a company that makes money from collecting data about their users, so...

Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 1) 256 256

The majority: people who were convinced that working a regular, full-time job was some sort of scam. They were just too smart to fall for that scam, you see, to be tricked into working long hour for shit pay.

I grew up in a fairly diverse but dominently upper-middle class area. This was the majority opinion among people there, too. Lots of people with get-rich-quick schemes, and people who thought that working long, hard hours at minimum wage pay was for suckers, and they were too good for that sort of thing. Work at McDonalds, or work as a janitor? Fuck no. That kind of work is for losers and idiots.

I have a cousin who spent his teenage years and early twenties as a layabout, smoking pot and hanging around his parents house. He got caught with a little marijuana when he was... I think 18, 19.... the police let him go. Then when he was around 26, he decided to get his life together. His parents sent him to community college and bought him a suit. He ended up with a decent enough (not spectacular, but with a salary far above minimum wage) IT job.

Hell, I know a few kids who spent all their whole high school and college years getting drunk, only to get a job at their daddy's firm, and they make more money than I do.

Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 1) 256 256

Where I live the per capita spending on students has risen over the years far ahead of inflation.

I don't know where you live, but regardless of any statistic you want to present, we're still cramming 40 kids in a classroom and they don't have books. Teachers have to go out and buy supplies with their own money because they have no budget from the school. So, yeah, if you can locate and eliminate the waste, by all means do it, but let's not pretend that these classrooms are just awash with money.

Comment: Re: Demographics (Score 1) 256 256

The very concept of "public school" is fairly recent.

What, exactly, is your point here? Yes, in the past, we didn't have public schools. Lots of people went uneducated. There were educated people in the past, but they were generally either rich or lucky, or both.

Even if true, how is this different from what Jews suffered in Europe for centuries?

Right, so I guess everything is perfectly fine as long as it's no worse than the treatment of Jews in Europe. By the logic, I suppose you think it'd be fine to murder millions of black people, since... hey, that's not different than the shitty treatment that the Jews suffered.

(Note, that I'm not putting forth my own theories here. I'm just obliterating yours.)

If that was your intention, it would help if you... you know... said anything that was even slightly relevant.

Comment: Might read the whole thing yourself (Score 1) 16 16

Took me about 4 hours:

I think if you read the whole thing, you'll find he's a pretty equal opportunity offender, sexual libertarians got a good hundred paragraphs against their lifestyle as well.

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