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Comment: This is what it means (Score 1) 204

by raftpeople (#47438591) Attached to: New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

increase fluidity of information

Apparently the information at MS is not very fluid, so this is a serious attempt at making that information much more fluider

and ideas

This one suspiciously coincides with the legalization of pot in WA state

flatten the organization

I think this is really a statement about facilities, there is a lot of wasted vertical space so most likely they will be installing something like those Japanese "drawer" hotels (where the person lays in what looks like a human sized drawer). They should be able to put a screen and keyboard in there so people can work laying down. I'm guessing they can get 3x more people in each building with this system.

Comment: Re:Best game programmer (Score 2) 285

by raftpeople (#47407059) Attached to: The World's Best Living Programmers
How do you define best? Just because you've heard of someone doesn't mean they are the best. I programmed games back in the 80's and during that time I ran into like-minded people and within that group it's tough to tell, different people have different attributes, It certainly possible to tell who has natural talent, but I don't think "best" even makes sense.

Comment: Re:Having no idea... (Score 1) 44

by raftpeople (#47277001) Attached to: First Movie of an Entire Brain's Neuronal Activity
That worm brain is well studied, but they still do not understand how it works. Whenever you see something about someone simulating a human brain, or a cat brain, or a rat brain, just remember that the people working on this stuff realize that even 302 neurons are still too many to understand currently.

Comment: Re:Having no idea... (Score 2) 44

by raftpeople (#47275573) Attached to: First Movie of an Entire Brain's Neuronal Activity
Short answer: yes, different levels.

Longer answer: There is much complexity and the real answer would probably cover a few books. But a few highlights: neurons have their firing rate and their spike levels modulated by a variety of things in the brain. Glial cells (which are 10x more numerous than neurons) inhibit and disinhibit neurons, communicate with each other and are involved in computation. Some neuron communicate with a continuous flow of protons (inner ear, acceleration detection), some fire locally on their dendrite instead of the typical method of sending a signal down the axon. There have also been recent discoveries linking microtubule quantum vibrations to anesthesia effects (implying it is part of computation).

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