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Comment: Re:Oh, how cute (Score 1) 289

by raftpeople (#46576445) Attached to: Jimmy Carter: Snowden Disclosures Are 'Good For Americans To Know'
I always wondered why that mission failed so badly and then I read up on our special forces. They had only been formed fairly recently before that mission (a few years?) and that mission was one of the first. I was surprised, I had assumed we had those types of special forces groups in the military for a long time.

Comment: And reading code isn't "coding" (Score 2) 161

by raftpeople (#46316549) Attached to: The Neuroscience of Computer Programming
For me, coding/design/problem solving seems to be mostly 3d abstract visual with objects being represented by some abstract entity and interactions that I can "see" (in quotes because I'm not sure that's what's really going on) and manipulate.

Reading or writing code is a translation to/from the imagery which is the real "code". The imagery is the abstract representation of the solution and where the problem solving happens.

Comment: My experiences (Score 3, Interesting) 399

by raftpeople (#46075529) Attached to: California Students, Parents Sue Over Teacher Firing, Tenure Rules
My experiences: each of my 3 kids encountered two completely ineffective/incompetent teachers in junior high and zero in elementary and high school (although we were aware of 1 in elementary that we fortunately did not have to deal with).

It wasn't that many but the level of incompetence was astounding and nothing could be done.

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by raftpeople (#45717061) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak
Ya, it's pretty weird. In our DC we have people running around doing this work and some of the orders are mail order/ecom and some are wholesale and some are for our retail stores...but they have no freaking idea which is which, they are performing the exact same tasks, filling a tote full of goods from the pick bin and placing the tote onto the conveyor.

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by raftpeople (#45716315) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak
They've already done the calcs (so has everyone managing a dc), human labor is expensive and so there is a lot of money available to pay for automation.

For an average sized DC of about 250,000 sq ft and using 1,000 robots to replace 100 to 200 pickers/putaway people (still need packers and others), it would pay for itself after a few years.

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