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Comment Re:Newtonian physics (Score 1, Informative) 369

Bullet slowed (reducing kinetic energy) but plastic cap was accelerated (increasing kinetic energy) - so 80% drop in speed of bullet does not tell you the kinetic energy of the system as a whole after the collision, seems like there would be some loss but that would be due to heat during collision.

Comment Re:Wrong question = wrong answer (Score 5, Funny) 172

From Stephen Hawkings notes:
"And then I was reading slashdot and anonymous coward said all of this preservation of information stuff is a laughable concept, that's why I've switched professions from math/physics to web site dev. I'm working on a website for balancing checkbooks, should be really cool."

Comment Re:If you can't beat 'em... (Score 2) 70

"Even their processors are a joke" - not sure what you're smoking but the Power processors (Power5, 6, 7, 8, etc.) have been the king of the hill for large/multi-core systems for a while and still are. Xeon's are much less expensive so you can throw lots of cores at it, but there is diminishing returns. Power processors are designed for multi-core and multi-socket systems (lots of cache per core, high speed communications, etc.).

Comment Re:Charles Dickens said it best (Score 1) 485

I've read this sentiment a few times ("scary international lenders") and I'm curious about why that phrase is being used. From my perspective, it seems like a person or govt should only borrow what they can afford and the blame shouldn't be on the lenders.

Were the lenders fraudulent in some way in this case?

Comment Re:Lots more from AS400/OS400 (Score 1) 484

An additional item I would love to see in other systems that OS/400 does very well: Very detailed logging and error handling with detailed explanations and possible causes right in the text, much more detailed info than I have seen on any other system, a made up example which doesn't really show how good it is but gives a flavor for the style of every single error message that could come up:
Msg 123456 - Unable to open file ABC
Reason Code - 17
Possible reasons:
01 - File does not exist, 02 - User does not have permission, ... 17 - File is exclusively locked and cannot be shared, ...

Comment Re:Lots more from AS400/OS400 (Score 1) 484

Whether the attempt is intentional or accidental it's simply not allowed. Each object has X valid operations that it can perform, which eliminates all kinds of accidental and intentional (hacking type stuff) mismatches of objects and actions that can cause problems on the system. It's a very nice feature.

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