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Comment Re: All I know is that this: (Score 1) 270

But that's why github is so important: whether they are down or up they have the exact same value which is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.

What I can't figure out is whether their paying customers should continue to pay them. On the one hand they are probably the single most valuable entity on the planet given that their value is completely independent of the state of their service. On the other hand that infinite value can also be had for free.

I had no idea github was at the epi-center center of a mammoth shift in our worldwide economic structure.

Comment Re:Please Explain (Score 1) 127

Sure, we hear you, so let's dive a little deeper so we can provide you the answer: of the pilots with the highest ratio of average measurements to total measurements, we find that in no case were more than 70% measurements average.

That number by itself only tells part of the story, the next significant measurement of the pilots measurements was that a full 80% fell well within one standard deviation of those 70% on at least 50% of their respective measurements.

At this point most people are starting to see where this is heading but in case you aren't seeing it this should make it more clear: when any 2 random measurements per pilot were discarded and the 30% range recalculated, then cross hatched against the group of least average pilots, we are left with a group that is both outside the original average by 40% but well within the new groups average to a level of 90%.

Comment Re:Is it possible to fuck this up worse? (Score 1) 91

What drove this in Europe was their extremely high fraud rate, it was much higher than US. With chip and pin they brought it down to US levels after many years and now they are a little below US levels except for card not present (online) which of course is where the fraud has shifted to.

Comment Re:Basic is easy. Useful is not. (Score 1) 98

An interesting issue (and it applies to not just this guy but to the big guys too) is the recent research that showed pretty much all neural nets will incorrectly classify input that is almost identical to input that gets classified correctly (including deep nets that are showing best results in image classification etc.). They chose to tweak a very small amount of input that maximized error causing mis-classification and found that they were able to do this consistently across nets of varying architectures and training methods.

It's a pretty significant finding and one that shows we have a ways to go before we can trust systems like these for safety related activities.

Comment Re:shocker... (Score 1) 247

Your response is a different point than the poster you responded to, and I think both points are valid:
1 - Posters point: Cable offers the various channels and packages that have exclusive contracts with various sports leagues/teams etc. Not just ESPN but other channels also. I'm not sure how easy/hard it would be to get these channels today via other services like Netflix but traditionally it's been an issue.

2 - Your point: People should be able to choose the content they want to pay for instead of purchasing packages with X% content they have no desire to consume. Totally agree, it's like the old CD thing, 1 or 2 good songs and 12 others you have no desire to hear.

Comment Re:Explain this please: (Score 1) 27

"Place" cells track when the animal is in a specific place (relative to past experience and environment), "Grid" cells are physically arranged in a grid (approx equidistant from each other) and fire according to animals location within the current environment (meaning if it's approx in the center of the room, then the approx center cell is firing, if moving north then the sequence of firing cells follows that same path, like an internal grid/map).

Comment Not actually that bad... (Score 2) 387

I read the article expecting to read Bill slamming NASCAR, but in reality he acknowledges the excitement of speed in a race and the level of engineering involved which is why he suggested a fuel limit to spur advancements in fuel consumption (due to the competitive nature of the race and the engineering component that already exists).

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