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Comment: Re:I'm all for recreational drone use but... (Score 2) 69 69

I think you're understating the reality of the situation. Drones come in many sizes with different attributes regarding prop blades, I think you'll agree that as the size/power of drones increases, the danger of an injury like a cut increases (see examples of cuts in news: Enrigue Iglesias cut hand, TGI Friday's drone chopped tip of reporters nose off). Furthermore, even on the low end the ability to damage an eye is significant and should not be discounted.

Now, let's talk about a 6lb object falling 15 feet and stopping in a quarter inch (normal flex for skin and bone): the force is 4,320lbs (force times travel distance divided by stopping distance), compare that to an Olympic boxer's punch which maxes out around 1,000lbs.

Comment: Re:Obligatory reading (Score 1) 419 419

Deaths aren't the only thing that is important, having your thyroid removed is a serious negative consequence of the radiation exposure. Now onto your claim: "None of that will happen in Japan." - You mean there will be no radiation exposure that will cause serious illness or death? And you know this how?

Comment: Re:I agree and disagree (Score 4, Insightful) 189 189

It seems like his point on copyright is accurate in that it's kind of swimming upstream these days, it's almost impossible to control the easy flow of content.

The article doesn't say, but I would be curious if he had ideas on what kind of arrangement would allow artists to get paid and that accepts that content can't be controlled.

Comment: Re:Uh, only doubled? (Score 1) 160 160

2M sounds high? You sound really knowledgeable about flight control systems, let's check component by component:
How many lines of code to track airplanes using the FAA's satellite network?
How many lines of code to generate flight courses?
How many lines of code to generate flight progress strips as airplanes approach a control area?

Comment: Re:No mention of iPad in the summary? (Score 2) 160 160

Look, I know a guy who's brother has a pretty close friend that really knows the ins and outs of this stuff, I swear he could get you setup in just a matter of hours...all you need to do is probably mail your device to him (I would include insurance just in case), mention my name (well probably my brother's name, he doesn't really know who I am), then boom! he'll get your device setup.

I would probably allow for a couple weeks because this guy is so good he's getting lots of requests like this (I may have mentioned something on facebook), but once you drop my brother's name, your device should pop to the top of his list. Also, you'll want to include a prepaid return label, you know, so he doesn't have to foot the bill the get you setup.

Comment: Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 1) 83 83

"If something shows up on your bill in AWS, it is running somewhere and you most certainly set it up." - You seem to be stating that there is zero possibility that AWS could have a billing problem, ever. Just because you haven't encountered one doesn't mean it's not possible. It's possible the other poster made an error, but it's also possible there was an error on Amazon's part - I don't think there is enough information to determine one way or another.

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