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Comment Re:Charles Dickens said it best (Score 1) 485 485

I've read this sentiment a few times ("scary international lenders") and I'm curious about why that phrase is being used. From my perspective, it seems like a person or govt should only borrow what they can afford and the blame shouldn't be on the lenders.

Were the lenders fraudulent in some way in this case?

Comment Re:Lots more from AS400/OS400 (Score 1) 484 484

An additional item I would love to see in other systems that OS/400 does very well: Very detailed logging and error handling with detailed explanations and possible causes right in the text, much more detailed info than I have seen on any other system, a made up example which doesn't really show how good it is but gives a flavor for the style of every single error message that could come up:
Msg 123456 - Unable to open file ABC
Reason Code - 17
Possible reasons:
01 - File does not exist, 02 - User does not have permission, ... 17 - File is exclusively locked and cannot be shared, ...

Comment Re:Lots more from AS400/OS400 (Score 1) 484 484

Whether the attempt is intentional or accidental it's simply not allowed. Each object has X valid operations that it can perform, which eliminates all kinds of accidental and intentional (hacking type stuff) mismatches of objects and actions that can cause problems on the system. It's a very nice feature.

Comment Re:I'm all for recreational drone use but... (Score 2) 72 72

I think you're understating the reality of the situation. Drones come in many sizes with different attributes regarding prop blades, I think you'll agree that as the size/power of drones increases, the danger of an injury like a cut increases (see examples of cuts in news: Enrigue Iglesias cut hand, TGI Friday's drone chopped tip of reporters nose off). Furthermore, even on the low end the ability to damage an eye is significant and should not be discounted.

Now, let's talk about a 6lb object falling 15 feet and stopping in a quarter inch (normal flex for skin and bone): the force is 4,320lbs (force times travel distance divided by stopping distance), compare that to an Olympic boxer's punch which maxes out around 1,000lbs.

Comment Re:Obligatory reading (Score 1) 419 419

Deaths aren't the only thing that is important, having your thyroid removed is a serious negative consequence of the radiation exposure. Now onto your claim: "None of that will happen in Japan." - You mean there will be no radiation exposure that will cause serious illness or death? And you know this how?

Comment Re:I agree and disagree (Score 4, Insightful) 189 189

It seems like his point on copyright is accurate in that it's kind of swimming upstream these days, it's almost impossible to control the easy flow of content.

The article doesn't say, but I would be curious if he had ideas on what kind of arrangement would allow artists to get paid and that accepts that content can't be controlled.

Comment Re:Uh, only doubled? (Score 1) 160 160

2M sounds high? You sound really knowledgeable about flight control systems, let's check component by component:
How many lines of code to track airplanes using the FAA's satellite network?
How many lines of code to generate flight courses?
How many lines of code to generate flight progress strips as airplanes approach a control area?

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