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Comment Re:Where's the replacement? (Score 1) 640 640

This too. It's ok for Google to require an account on Android, since Android is a free OS, that is one of the ways they make their money back. But we are PAYING for Windows. I don't want any tied in accounts, "App" stores, and cloud storage. Vanilla OS, please.

Comment Re:Where's the replacement? (Score 5, Insightful) 640 640

You can try 10 Technical Preview. It is Windows 8.1 with Metro condensed to a start menu. It still has some full-screen hijacking apps and tons of bloat from Bing and the "App" Store. This might be ok for some people but it sounds like Microsoft is going down the wrong road for those of us that like a clean, controlled, and predictable system. Linux may be the answer for many if it has the right program support, but it's possible that 7 is the last sane OS from Microsoft.

Comment Re:Buy a Mac (Score 5, Insightful) 554 554

I think you misunderstood Ron024's comment, or maybe I did. He is saying newer versions of OSX are NOT compatible with older machines. You can get mostly any linux distro to run on any computer since like a Pentium 2 (dependent on DE/WM).

Comment Re:People still use Red Hat? (Score 4, Insightful) 231 231

Comparing apples to oranges when it comes to linux distros. RHEL is for mission critical stability and especially servers where you don't want stuff changing all the time. Rolling release distros are dangerous in production environments. Especially a distro like Arch takes way too much effort to setup and maintain. Not every computer is a hobby.

Comment Re:flame away, but... (Score 1) 516 516

Not true. It was also criticized for not having the same way to get into safe mode as previous versions and for having watered down BSODs. Regardless, "only interface criticism" is a pretty big one considering you can't use win8 without some apps hijacking the fullscreen or the stupid start screen hiding your desktop. For me it was easy to close stuff and shutdown with ALT+F4, but for those not as familiar with shortcuts it is pretty annoying to even shut windows 8 down. I never did find the power/restart button, I don't remember having this problem since even before windows 3.1.

Comment Re:It will be a failure. (Score 1) 134 134

I can just stream a game to a small HTPC in my living room, or onto my tablet and have it powered by my main rig.

I think that is one of the main points of the steambox. The way I see it is that valve is expecting most gamers to have a high power windows gaming rig separate from their home theater system. The steambox will serve as an entry to the console market, and allow you to stream your entire library onto the linux steambox. Sure you could have windows on your HTPC too, it doesn't really make a difference. But windows is not exactly the best HTPC OS, it's designed for keyboard/mouse (and more recently, touchscreens) so steam wants more control over designing a better suited HTPC specific OS that can be controlled by controller or remote. Think about how XBMC looks. Do you hate that too?

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