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Comment: Re:It's all stupid, and for stupid reasons (Score 1) 578

by rafaelolg (#31215216) Attached to: Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?
Although most of the Brazilians would agree with the action, the decision here in Brazil for the payback was made by politicians. And It is no more a decision up to the politicians. There is a law in our constitution that establishes the rule of reciprocity. At least we are also reciprocal to other countries that make severe requirements like Spain.

Comment: Re:It's because the view of IT is changing (Score 3, Interesting) 453

by rafaelolg (#30680184) Attached to: IT Job Satisfaction Plummets To All-Time Low
I really don't think that IT workers are not satisfied because they are underrated. I think IT employees that got enginerering/CS degrees were expecting more exciting and innovative research and development kind of jobs and not to do some scripting using excel or some plain web data-base oriented systems. They are not underrated, they are overeducated.

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