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+ - Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 ("Lenny") released->

Submitted by
hweimer writes "After 22 months of development, Debian GNU/Linux version 5.0 (codenamed "Lenny") has been released. New features include a port to ARM's EABI architecture, a free-as-in-speech Java implementation based on OpenJDK, and lots of updated software packages. The release is dedicated to the memory of Thiemo Seufer, who died in a tragic car accident last December."
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Comment: Re:Tycho Brahe - Amazing (Score 1) 98

by radu.stanca (#26003045) Attached to: Light Echoes Solve Mystery of Tycho's Supernova

Not actually true, Tycho Brahe's model of the solar system was very similar(geometrically) to Ptolemy(earth in the center) and Copernicus(sun in the center). He put the earth in the center, the sun and the moon were orbiting around the earh while the other planets where orbiting around the sun.

The real breakthrough came from Johannes Kepler( who was working with Brahe and later on was using Brahe's observations) who went away from using circular orbits, and to a certain extent discovering gravity. You can read more in his book Astronomia Nova, I recomend it to anyone.


+ - XP/Vista IGMP buffer overflow - the code explained->

Submitted by
HalvarFlake writes "With all the hoopla about the remotely exploitable, kernel-level buffer overflow discussed in today's security bulletin MS08-0001, what is the actual bug that triggers this ?
The bulletin doesn't give all that much information ...
This shockwave movie goes through the process of examining the "pre-patch" version of tcpip.sys and comparing it against the "post-patch" version of tcpip.sys. This comparison yields the actual code that causes the overflow: A mistake in the calculation of the required size in a dynamic allocation."

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+ - NASA misspelled shuttle name->

Submitted by
wolf369T writes "NASA apparently misspelled the name of the next shuttle planned for launch from pad 39A of Kennedy Space Center, reported. The banner placed in front of the pad said "Go Endeavor", missing the "u" from the correct "Go Endeavour" spelling. They put a man in the moon but they still have some problems with spelling their own shuttles and you wonder if a Mars probe fails now and then...
The issue was fixed after some calls were made. Go Endeavour!"

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Another NASA Hacker Indicted 164

Posted by kdawson
from the white-hats-provide-poor-cover dept.
eldavojohn writes "Earlier this year, UK citizen & hacker of NASA Gary KcKinnon was extradited to the United States (also interviewed twice). Now, another hacker has been indicted for hacking more than 150 U.S. government computers. Victor Faur, 26, of Arad, Romania claims to have led a 'white hat team' to expose flaws in U.S. government computers. It seems everyone else has been busy hacking into government systems while I've been wasting my time playing Warcraft." From the article: "The breached computers were used to collect and process data from spacecraft. Because of the break-ins, systems had to be rebuilt and scientists and engineers had to manually communicate with spacecraft, resulting in $1.36 million in losses for NASA and nearly $100,000 in losses for the Energy Department and the Navy, prosecutors said. Several suspected NASA hackers have been dealing with law enforcement recently."

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