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Comment Re:Customer-centric? (Score 1) 147

Comcast is also in a cronyist relationship with the government via their licensed monopolies. So...they don't have to worry about customer centricity like the competitive industries (except to the extent that they are now losing, at a record pace, eyeballs to the likes of streaming services. I daresay the majority of cable provider customers are only there for the internet...I know I am.)

Comment Re:From the QC Dept (Score 1) 133

additionally, there seems to be the assumption that there were contractors involved; while many government operations may and sometimes do employ contractors, not all government IT work is done by contractors, and there wasn't an indication in TFA that a contractor was to blame. I was unable to find a publicly available accounting of NASA's network, so I didn't point it out earlier, but I daresay that in my rather limited experience with government contractors, most of them are eager to do audits for government work, since it means they get paid for the audit and paid to fix anything they find as well, even if it was their fault to begin with.

Comment Re:From the QC Dept (Score 5, Insightful) 133

Who built it? Irrelevant. What products were used? Irrelevant. It was shown to be secured by simply changing the default passwords, and leaving default passwords intact was a failure of management. So what kind of network is it, anyway? Oh, yeah, it's a .gov network. Management is controlled by the .gov entity, even if contractors are used for the keypresses and network cable enplugginations. The .gov entity is responsible for regular security audits on their systems. They failed on that management aspect.

Comment Re:TV ratings methodology (Score 3, Interesting) 302

Netflix may not have ad revenue, but they negotiate rates with content providers based on the number of times the content is watched.

Your show sucks, and nobody watches it on Netflix? Not only will Netflix pay you less for it, when time comes to renew, they may drop it altogether unless you agree to take even less again.

Your show is awesome and everyone watches it on Netflix? Netflix will pay you more to make sure their subscribers can still come to Netflix to watch it instead of going to Amazon or whoever else.

Comment Re: Now... (Score 1) 412

that's assuming 100% coverage. Since we're seeing variability, it follows that the structure of any presumed Dyson object at this location either hasn't reached "sphere" stage or isn't designed to. If the latter, then a "ring" or "swarm" style structure would be much thicker and more useful as a substrate. While I don't think Dyson structures are necessarily feasible in practical terms, in theoretical terms the heat management of a structure that can turn panels away from the star would be more efficient, so I tend to fall on the side of "spheres are impractical, rings make more sense"

Comment Re:Law or morality? (Score 1) 257

well, according to the summary (no idea what's in the article, because...well, you know), that's exactly what this legislator is doing...he's opening the conversation by presenting an unpassable bill for the sake of starting the conversation. He has no actual intent of having the bill passed. That's the gist I got, anyway

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