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Comment Re:cool story, bro (Score 1) 201

"it will be done when it's done?"

That's great if you're the only person working on a project*. In the real work, people are trying to schedule their work on X that depends on Y and Z versus their work on A that depends on B and C. Are you just going to sit on your thumbs fro Y, Z, B, and C to all finish?

*Actually, it isn't great if you're the only person on a project either, because somebody is waiting to use your project. That's what make it work rather than wasting time.

Comment Re:The founder of the US never put the feds into i (Score 2) 132

a) The President cannot unilaterally create a Cabinet-level department. In addition, all Cabinet member appointments require Senate approval.

b) The Department of Education Organization Act merely split Education from Health and Human Services, which were previously one department.

c) The earliest Department of Education was created in 1867, somewhat before Jimmy Carter took office.,

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