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Comment: Re:Not blue eyed ... (Score 2) 207 207

There were many millennia of space travel before spice-guided navigators. It was slow and dangerous and there was a good chance you just wouldn't show up at your destination. You couldn't discount the price enough to make up that risk premium and still turn a profit. The government in a sense subsidized the Guild via the prohibitions on certain kinds of scientific research. It wasn't until the Ixians flouted those prohibitions competitive alternative was found, and they also had to assassinate the emperor to make the no-ships commercially viable.

Comment: Re:About $2M -- But not really a mistake... (Score 0) 337 337

"since I wasn't actually at fault"

You a) released code to production on a Saturday night, b) doubled traffic, and c) issued an ultimatum to infrastructure teams instead of *negotiating* an SLA change.

Why do you think none of the fault lies with you?

Comment: Re:Why can't this be the law everywhere? (Score 1, Insightful) 248 248

"Why do arrest records have to be public?"

Because in criminal law, as opposed to civil law, the public is a party to the case. N. B. criminal cases are tilled "The People vs.". The records of a criminal case show the actions that the State has taken in the name of the People.

Comment: Algorithms are created by people (Score -1) 349 349

A lot of people are crying about how an algorithm cannot have an opinion. However, the people who create the algorithm can and do have opinions and they are the ones judging the classification of the algorithm whose whole purpose is to mechanically apply opinions.

Just because the subjective criteria are applied at a distance does not make them objective, just reproducible.

Comment: Re:I'm boycotting Disney after IT fiasco (Score 1) 177 177

"a Gay Pride Day years ago and celebrating homosexuality in an environment largely dominated by children"

Even worse, they have 364 days per year celebrating heterosexuality in an environment largely dominated by children!

Just because your politics are normative does not mean you don't have any politics.

Comment: Re:No National Center for Men & Tech...? (Score 1) 473 473

" if someone dared suggest a National Center for Men"

All of the existing biased institutions are still there. Once instance of not continuing the existing implicit bias does not mean that all bias is in the opposite direction.

If you don't accept doing anything about that bias and you don't accept any new institutions without that bias than you are supporting the existing bias.

Just because your politics are normative does not mean that you don't have any politics.

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." -- George Carlin