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Comment Re:At what point (Score 1) 73

Why do people think that any time law enforcement is within shouting distance it is entrapment?

What would a normal person do if someone stole $800,000 from them? Call the cops. What did DPR do? Solicit a hitman. That's not entrapment, that is a criminal that is already disposed to paying to have people killed..

Comment Re:The Secret Pre-condition to winning a Hugo (Score 1) 1037

Justin Bieber is a very popular singer, but has never won a Grammy. The path between "things people like to consume" and "thing people think are good" is not so straight.

There are other authors that I happily pay money to read which I would not say are very good. There are authors which I generally think are very good but have produced specific works which I don't think are good.

Comment Re:Surge Pricing - Why The Hate? (Score 1) 250

While generally correct, the problem is that people are trying to apply the characteristics of a market in equilibrium to the case where there is an explicit shock. If a new equilibrium is achieved, then the price shift is obvious; if the market reverts to the old equilibrium after the removal of the shock then it is not so clear that you have induced supply in an efficient manner.

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