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Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 260

"We all can't profit. One's gain is only made possible by another's loss."

No, everybody profiting via productivity is the entire point of capitalism. If you believe in destroying productivity for short-term gain, then you don't believe in capitalism.

The people you are talking about are not vulnerable to touchy-feely social arguments. You must pound the point to that they are anti-capitalists.

Comment Re:OpenRC forever! (Score 2) 647

"Having to reboot your operating system to enable text based logging for a specific service, or for all services is not reasonable."

For anything other than systemd, telling people to just add a boot flag is a typical response around here.

"frequently rebooting Linux systems"

Why would you be frequently be rebooting because of this? If you always want to log to syslog, just set your boot config initially and leave it set to syslog all the time.

Comment Re:Why single out a magazine? (Score 1) 109

It the the example of the set that most demonstrates that the set both should not have received the data *and* that the set would not have been requesting the data.

If one of the political parties were used as an example, people might have the impression that the groups were asking for data that they should not have received and their request was erroneously approved.

If "News Publishing Co." was used an example, people might have the impression that news organization were allowed to have this information.

Georgia GunOwner Magazine is an organization that would not care to have this information, would never have asked for this information, and probably wondered why they were sent this information. This highlights that data is being sent out unsolicited, which is a different sort of error.

Comment Re: Religion (Score 1) 519

"But the people who committed those acts are long dead"

I'm old enough to have seen The Troubles in Northern Ireland on the TV news. Plenty of people in the Republican or Unionist paramilitaries then are elected politicians now. For example, Martin McGuiness, who was 2nd in command in Derry on Bloody Sunday, is currently deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland.

Comment Re:I'm drunk and I'm gonna rant about "mAh" (Score 2) 75

"It is meaningless without being told the nominal voltage. "

The nominal voltage at the terminals is itself pretty meaningless. It varies widely with the current being drawn, the charge remaining in the battery, etc.

What is pretty stable is the measure of how much charge is in the battery. Note that an ampere is charge per time so that the product of current and time is literally charge. The integral of current drawn over time is much less variable with respect to other conditions, so it really is most meaningful to measure a battery by amp-hours.

Amp-hours is what the battery is actually delivering, not watt-hours.

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