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Comment: Re:The law makes no allowances for irony. (Score 2) 116

by radarskiy (#49160159) Attached to: Craig Brittain (Revenge Porn King) Sues For Use of Image

"Either revenge porn is illegal because people, including this man, have a right to control their image or pictures are the sole property of those that created it and revenge porn is as legal as posting pictures of this jackass in the paper."

Irrelevant, since the complaint was not about revenge porn per se. The FTC went after him for "unfair business practices", i.e. he was using the images for extortion.

Comment: Re: Who did the study? (Score 2) 339

by radarskiy (#49155555) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

"when a record is tied for sixteen years that sorta mean it's NOT GOING UP."

The implication "If A then B" can be true when both A and B are false.

The record has not been tied for 16 years: it has not been exceed for 16 years, which only tells you that records are set by outliers, not trends.

Comment: Re: About right (Score 1) 241

by radarskiy (#49115695) Attached to: In Florida, Secrecy Around Stingray Leads To Plea Bargain For a Robber

To what degree do the goals of criminal law include punishment, deterrence, and/or retribution? For punishment, the penalties should be proportional to actual harm, for deterrence the penalty should be proportional to the potential harm, for retribution the penalties for both should be high.

Your scenario only considers intentional use of the weapon. The the criminal does not have a gun that reduces the chance of an accidental discharge that otherwise has nothing to do with the crime committed.

Comment: Re:The Constitution is Clear - Tenth Amendment (Score 4, Interesting) 78

by radarskiy (#49093025) Attached to: When It Comes To Spy Gear, Many Police Ignore Public Records Laws

I recommend that you clarify your comment or else someone might mistake you for believing that the States are sovereign rather than the people.

Unlike the First Amendment, the Fourth through Sixth Amendments do not specifically constrain the federal government therefore they protect the people against the States as well. In addition, the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment specifically constrains the states.

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