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Comment: Re:the evil they do is always front and center (Score 4, Interesting) 189

by radarskiy (#47519313) Attached to: The Department of Homeland Security Needs Its Own Edward Snowden

"U.S. Secret Service they guard the president and for some mind boggling reason, investigate counterfeit currency. "

No, they investigate counterfeit currency and for an accidental reason guard the president. At the time that Congress requested a protection detail for the President, the Secret Service was the largest law enforcement agency at the federal level. The FBI had not yet been created.

Comment: Welcome to engineering (Score -1, Flamebait) 367

by radarskiy (#47519173) Attached to: 'Just Let Me Code!'

"because "spec" is a moving target that never solidifies. "
Too damn bad. Welcome to engineering.

" Agile processes...not even attempting to nail down requirements beforehand"
This is an acknowledgement of reality. Welcome to engineering.

Your argument boils down to "Engineering is hard". If it were easy, everyone would do it. Welcome to engineering.

Comment: Re:suspect results. (Score 1) 609

From the article "The study reveals nothing about the nature of the link between socialism and dishonesty."

So are you the one person who read the article before posting and are paraphrasing it, or yet another jackass who like to parrot a clever line without knowing whether it applies to the given situation?

Comment: Re:Some more info: (Score 1) 752

by radarskiy (#47479627) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

MH1, which flies LHR to KUL, also trends to courses over the Sea of Azov. However, on both the July 10th and July 16th departures it took a route north of the sea. The latter departure was 14.5 hours before MH17. It seems plausible that this is just hunting for good tail winds.

On the other hand, KL809 which departed AMS just 3 hours before MH17 went to the south edge of the sea. BR76, LH782, and AF246 have been sticking to the north edge and center of the sea respectively, but neither had departures on July16.

Comment: Re:High useage (Score 2) 87

by radarskiy (#47472099) Attached to: Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service

"Similarly, it makes zero sense to buy an ebook from B&N if it is available through this program."

If you *currently* have the subscription service then your *current* choice would be to not buy thorugh B&N. However, your *future* choices are not constrained if the terms of the service change unfavorable (since you can you just drop the service).

Since "constraint on future decisions" is what lock-in means, and there would be no constraint, there is no lock-in.

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