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Comment Is it enough? (Score 1) 125

I'm curious if the categories available for download will be considered enough in the long run to satisfy the EU laws. If they know there are more categories and that they're not providing it all, is that considered holding back to much by those laws?

Comment Re:Bu...bu...bu...whaddabout da books? (Score 1) 230

Believe it or not, some of us actually prefer the feel, texture, and overall appearance of a BOOK. eBooks are nice and all but even when they're printed, they're no where near the same. I will admit: seeing all these Bargain Book stores around Ann Arbor and Lansing, MI selling Borders property for $.25 a piece really has quadrupled my book collection. I may die before I ever get a chance to read all of them. :)

It's a shame Amazon doesn't sell physical books then. Oh wait...


Submission + - The Pitfalls of the New Tech Bubble (

rabidmuskrat writes: The tech bubble is back. Facebook Inc. is commanding an enormous valuation. So are Groupon Inc., Twitter Inc. and Investors know there is a lot of money to be made from technology. They also know there is just as much to be lost when the bubble bursts. Detecting these market bubbles can be a very important thing, though one might ask How does this affect you?

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