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Comment: Watched all the time (Score 0) 299

by raarts (#46206925) Attached to: Online, You're Being Watched At All Times; Act Accordingly.

When I am on the street, I should assume being watched all the time.

When I am in a mall, I am being watched all the time

When I am in the airport, I am being watched all the time

When I am in a stadium, I am being watched all the time

When I am in a store, I must assume I am being watched all the time

When I am online, I should assume being watched all the time.

Comment: Full cultural immersion is valuable (Score 2) 200

by raarts (#44036897) Attached to: Trying To Learn a Foreign Language? Avoid Reminders of Home

As a Dutch host family with much experience with foreign exchange students, I can attest that full cultural immersion is not only valuable in other ways, but also the best way to learn a foreign language. Internet actually hinders this process to a great extent. Foreign exchange students who stay in close contact to their home families and friends are having the most problems adapting to their new surroundings, and experience feelings of loneliness, estrangedness, and not learning a strange language.

For this reason I recommend as little contact with your home country as possible.

Comment: My Tips (Score 1) 224

by raarts (#41556069) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Open Communications Set-Up For Small Office?

My tips for doing VoIP:

- if you're going hosted use a separate and quality internet connection for your VoIP.
- Be wary of NAT. Many problems are caused by NAT routers/firewalls.

Don't say I did not warn you.

I presume you are in the US. Have a look at for VoIP solutions. I use it. It's asterisk-based, but the GUI is better then anything I've ever seen.

Comment: Still charging high prices for data though (Score 2, Informative) 115

by raarts (#39963877) Attached to: Netherlands Cements Net Neutrality In Law

Note this will not keep them from charging high rates for datatraffic, or setting very low caps, and charge lots more if you go over your allotment. Has cost me hundreds of euros per month for several months.

My iPhone appeared to be very uninformative about which apps were the data hungry culprit, and Apple has blocked API's for third-party developers. Also it seems that when you enable sending diagnostics info to apple, crashdumps will be sent AT NIGHT OVER 3G EVEN IF YOU ARE AT HOME ON WIFI!

My Dutch provider KPN was unable to offer any insight into my traffic, and was unable to help me with determining why I was consuming so much traffic.

Many ad-supported apps do not have switches to disable ads-over-3G, my traffic app was eating into my monthly

Overall I have been very disappointed at my iPhone in this respect, and no, I will not switch to Android yet, but this was a serious downer.


Simulating Galaxies With Supercomputers 120

Posted by CmdrTaco
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An anonymous reader writes "Over in the UK Durham University is tasking its supercomputing cluster with nothing less than recreating how galaxies are born and evolve over the course of billions of years. Even with 800 AMD processor cores at its disposal the university is still hitting the limits of what is possible."

Comment: Re:Predictible answer - Mac. (Score 1) 672

by raarts (#29629915) Attached to: Best Developer's Laptop?

Mmm, you may be right, allthough I don't get all the fuzz about the Mac not having docking ports. I hook up my desktop hardware using USB and the DVI port. This way I get two screens, and the mac keyboard (which has a mouse connected). I can attach floppy, extra hard drives using USB as well.

Does a docking station really offer so much more?

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