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Comment: But 55% white in the US... (Score 1) 561 561 less than you would expect based on the US population (assuming race-blinded hiring and proportional applications, etc.). Based on the last census, the US is 72% White, so 55% is... what terminology do we use? More diverse? Less White?

11% Hispanic at Apple vs. 16.4% in the general population, there's a difference for sure. 7% Black at Apple vs. 12.6% US-wide, and 15% Asian vs. 4.8% US-wide, OK, definite differences there, so if you put Asians in the "non-diversity" group I can see calling that an issue.

As far as gender representation, yeah that's disproportionate, and that's an issue across tech/engineering fields that's been known for a while.

Comment: Re:Not an ancestor (Score 1) 318 318

It's not really minor, considering the premise of the article is "[this] suggests our ancient ancestors dined primarily on tiger nuts." I've already seen this article posted in an attempt to debunk the paleo diet, but this species' diet really has no more bearing on what we should/shouldn't eat than, say, a modern chimpanzee. Which isn't to say any of the widely varied forms of paleo diet are or are not close to what direct ancestors ate or are or are not a good diet for modern humans, just that this doesn't suggest one way or another.

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