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Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 117

Did you miss the part where the games are not compatible with 5.1? Unless the author of the games feel like updating them, what is Nvidia supposed to do? Would you have them leave the games and waste storage space -- makes sense -- SMH.

This is not even in the same REALM as what Sony did with the PS3. Sony had absolutely no reason to remove the functionality, and it wasn't optional. I have the SHEILD tablet and I have deliberately kept it on 4.4 because I can't STAND 5.x, and I have yet to come across anything that said: "You need 5.0 or above to use this".

Or, wait, let me throw another possibility out there... You would have Nvidia replace the two games with two other games? Yea, that is fair...

You want the games, don't upgrade. You don't care, upgrade.

Comment Uhh durrrrrr (Score 1) 244

'ell I mus' ba dum az shit -- an' Ima keep gettin' stupider.

Really? Eat a BALANCED fucking diet and you will be just fucking fine. Food scare 2015... *sigh*

I love the morons that don't have Celiac disease, but OMG TH3 GLUTENS they are killing me!!!!

I have given up on not laughing my ass off if I am out and someone I am with asks for gluten free and I say: "Holy SHIT! You have Celiac disease?!? I didn't know" ... reply: "No, it just makes me feel bad". Whatever.....

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1, Interesting) 277

If this had been done with Windows 8, would it have been successful? Or is Windows 8 so bad Microsoft couldn't give it away. What's keeping people in Windows 7 doesn't really seem to be the cost...

You are wondering about Windows 8? I really don't think this is going to work with Windows 10 either. Yes, they have made a lot of changes, but those changes have only pissed off the tablet users. So now you have an OS that not only desktop users don't want to use, but tablet users don't want it either.

In the build 10147 release notes is states:

"When the user upgrades from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, they are now able to downgrade to the earlier operating system, as expected"

Maybe Microsoft already knows something....

Comment Re:I feel proud as an American! (Score 1) 500

Well, I have two words for them -- FUCK YOU!

If they don't mind being spied on, then repeal the 4th amendment (there is a process for that). For now however, we have the 4th amendment, so they can go cower in their homes like the little pussies that they are.

Fucking un-American ass-holes.

Comment Re:STFU Obama, you're a fucking traitor!! (Score 5, Insightful) 389

I am pretty sure that they were referring to the 4th amendment (from Wikipedia):

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Now I'm a Libertarian, and I read that as: "If you don't have a fucking warrant, then you don't get to collect SHIT. No metadata, no *actual* data, no GPS data, nothing. It is real simple, if you are trying to build a case against me, then you had better have a warrant to collect ANY data (at least that is the way it should be). In reality, there is no constitution any more -- it is just a faded memory.

Comment Re:How About (Score 0) 224

First I would never do this to my child. It is my opinion that you raise your children correctly and then you can trust them.

With that said, all a parent has to do is hide a GPS somewhere that the kid knows nothing about. Compare GPS to what the car has to say, and if they differ, then they know the car has been tampered with -- BUSTED!

I feel sorry for any parents that feel the need to use such methods....

-- Brian

Comment Butt FUCKING UGLY (Score -1) 214

I don't give a fuck if Cortana is a full featured AI, that can not only talk to me, but also give me a fucking blowjob. The OS is so fucking ugly that it makes Linux from 1994 look good. I would use CDE before I would use the horrendous UI that is Windows 8/8.1/10. That shit is only getting worse. What is really sad is that I am typing this on OS X Yosemite. I *HATE* the OS X interface, but at least it isn't butt ugly. I never thought that Microsoft could fail, but if they release Windows 10 without making MAJOR changes -- they will.

Comment Re:Mushrooms (may work with other drugs) (Score 1) 187

The "jumpiness" you experience without it is simply your eyes trying to fix on any number of objects as you are panning (my layman's interpretation).

That is actually my understanding as well. The brain wants to focus on what it has been trained to be the most pertinent objects, so it just jumps from object to object. I am fairly certain this is why people that are put under deep hypnosis can recall details of a situation that they can't do consciously. I don't think the brain discards that information, I think it is like off screen rendering that still gets saved to RAM :)

I tried your finger trick, and while it was definitely smoother, it still was not like watching a 48 or 60fps video.

Comment Mushrooms (may work with other drugs) (Score 1, Interesting) 187

Anyone that has done mushrooms can tell you that seeing the world at the frame rate that the brain is capable of processing is a load of fun. I have no idea how psilocybin affects the visual processing center of the brain -- or hell, it may affect the eye itself, what I do know is stepping out into a room and looking around without the brain discarding the frames that it doesn't feel like processing is amazing. However, it does look completely fake. It is too clear / crisp. Our brains aren't used to seeing every little change -- they discard information. So, if you are watching a movie at 48 or 60fps, it looks fake is the best way I can describe it. That is because when you are looking at the screen, you have a central place to focus, and my guess is the brain doesn't discard information if you aren't moving.

Again, this is just my guess, but I think the reason video games look much better at high frame rates is the fact that they already don't look realistic. We are expecting really crisp, sharp, fast graphics. Literally -- it is all in your mind.

As a test, pan your head from left to right and notice the "jumpiness" that is reality. Now, eat about a half gram of shrooms, and do the same thing. It is no longer jumpy, and you get a REAL smooth pan.

Comment Re:Unlicensed taxi broker (Score 1) 280

I have two sisters that are complete and total wastes of life. They will snort, pop or inject anything that is put in front of them, I can't stand to be around them. However, it is their bodies and their right to do whatever they please, and I will defend that to my grave.

So, not only are you wanting to tell me what I can and can't do, but also want to tell me what I should or should not believe? And of course you know my political beliefs better than I do. Who the fuck do you think you are? You are a fucking piece of work.

Comment Re:Unlicensed taxi broker (Score -1, Flamebait) 280

Ultimately Uber is a broker for unlicensed taxi. There should be a restriction on unlicensed taxi on the roads. In other words, I'm surprised they exist anywhere. They really shouldn't, there are very good common sense reasons for insisting on licensed taxi.

This is slashdot, so anything that interferes in the right of someone to make money from a "disruptive" service is communism.

Drug smugglers, paedophilic video distributors and illegal arms salesmen are all just creative entrepreneurs trying to make an honest buck.

Did you really just throw pedophilia in with guns and drugs? *THINK OF THE CHILDREN* you fucking left wing piece of shit. Here is a little cheat sheet for you -- from a Libertarian and a true fucking patriot:

Child porn == BAD == directly harming someone else against their will
Guns == GOOD == Able to defend myself from assholes like you
Drugs == INDIFFERENT == My fucking body, I do with it as I please. If my actions ON drugs interfere with other people, THEN by all means, lock me up.

Get that through your thick fucking skull you anti-American left nut fucking bastard.

Now, with that said. Uber is fucking awesome. They don't need to abide by the laws that are currently in place -- the laws that are currently in place need to go away. If I want to pay my neighbor to drive me to the airport is that OK with you? How about placing an ad on craigslist, is that OK? How about this, it is my fucking money, I will spend it how I please. If I want to buy a hooker -- MY MONEY, THEIR BODY. Got it? I am so tired of mother fuckers like you trying to tell me when, where, how, why I can or cannot spend my money.

Kindly fuck off and move to Canada.

The shortest distance between two points is under construction. -- Noelie Alito