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FYI, here are some opinions of other paraglider pilots on the subject of flying with R/C models.

This is mainly about soaring with full r/c than follow-drones which would presumably have a more predictable flight path, so not exactly the same situation but I'd still imagine speedrider pilots having problems with this because they are often well below the 400ft AGL height limit.

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Exactly, thinking about ski resorts the chances of your drone hitting a ski lift could cause the lift to shut down (temporarily) so I'd imagine the resorts banning them anywhere near a piste. Also I'd have thought the chances of a downed drone(s) garotting someone are fairly high.

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In many Alpine ski resorts there are a lot of paraglider and speedrider pilots (of which I am one, in Chamonix).

Although we're not allowed to fly directly above pistes I can imagine these drones being very popular off-piste (i.e backcountry) where we often paraglide. A collision with an untethered drone *probably* wouldn't be too dangerous assuming the rotor blades are surrounded with a shroud but if it were tethered to the skier/boarder then the likelihood of it becoming tangled is quite high and could easily cause major problems for the paraglider pilot.

Luckily Chamonix is a very traditional resort so I'd expect these drones to be banned anywhere near the piste and (hopefully) off-piste as well, however it would be almost impossible to police off-piste!

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by rHBa (#47301933) Attached to: Linux Mint 17 KDE Released
With a separate /home partition it's easy. I installed Mint 17 (previously Mint 15) the other day (backed up /home anyway, just in case) and went with the custom install option (i.e choose your own partitions).

During the install I re-formatted my root (/) partition for the new version and selected my existing /home partition as the new /home mount point. When asked to create a user for the new install I entered my old username and password and my (ecryptfs encrypted) home folder was recognised and decrypted.

Finally I just had to re-install a few apps, my settings stored in ~/ were automatically recognised of course. Total time, <1hr.

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by rHBa (#47287751) Attached to: Make a Date With Fraud

How to prevent a PHP script being executed when it is being read in as an $_post element?

Simple, don't:


(in fact don't eval at all, if you need eval you're usually doing something wrong)

Having RTFA, I interpreted it slightly differently. I think the supplied PHP code is uploaded to another, previously compromised server and it is used to send out phishing emails.

The unwary user then enters their login details on the compromised server (or if they are using an email client that displays HTML forms(!), within the email) the data is then sent to the compromised server which forwards it on to the script kiddie. The user is then redirected to the real login page along with their POST data so when they arrive there they are automatically logged in, none the wiser...

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