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+ - Australian government outlines website-blocking scheme->

Submitted by angry tapir
angry tapir writes: The Australian government has revealed its (previously mooted) proposed legislation that will allow copyright holders to apply for court orders that will force ISPs to block access to pirate websites. It forms part of a broader Australian crackdown on online copyright infringement, which also includes a warning notice scheme for alleged infringers.
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Comment: Re:Eat your words on MULTIPLE grounds vs fact (Score 1) 298

by rHBa (#49358875) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Makes Some Code Particularly Good?
Hi APK, I knew you were a hosts file fanboi, I didn't know you were a Microsoft astroturfer as well!

FYI, I didn't intend to put words in your mouth, hence why I put "ever?" in brackets (context APK, context...).

Also, if you want people to take you seriously then you need to learn how to summarise your thoughts and present them in a non-td;dr way.

// Note to self, don't feed the trolls

Comment: Re:ordinance? (Score 1) 18

by rHBa (#49357375) Attached to: Ordnance Survey Releases Mapping Tools

The agency's name indicates its original military purpose (see ordnance and surveying): mapping Scotland in the wake of the Jacobite rebellion in 1745. There was also a more general and nationwide need in light of the potential threat of invasion during the Napoleonic Wars, reflected in the inclusion of the War Department's broad arrow in the agency's logo.

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