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Comment: Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 127

by rHBa (#49179609) Attached to: Physicists Gear Up To Catch a Gravitational Wave
In Europe we're starting to move our GW detection into space with a Laser Interferometric Space Antenna (Lisa). To start with:

...Pathfinder's job is to prove the metrology.

To do this, it will try to put two small gold-platinum blocks into a perfect free-fall and then track their relative movement using lasers.

The intention is to get these blocks following a line that is defined only by gravity. To do that requires that all other forces that might interfere with the demonstration are removed.

This means, for example, carefully controlling the influence of temperatures and magnetic fields. Even the vacuum state will introduce "noise" into the system if some residual gas molecules are allowed to collide with the blocks.

The experiment has been designed such that disturbances to the blocks as small as just a few picometres should be noticed. One picometre is a small fraction of the width of a hydrogen atom.

Comment: Re:Missing the problem by a mile (Score 1) 560

by rHBa (#49174317) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

And it's also the "Content-type" header in HTTP that determines the how your browser will render the content.

Wrong, you can create a javascript file with a .php extension (or .jpg extension) and include it with a <script src="foo.php"> tag and the browser will treat it as any other js file regardless of any headers sent by the server.

+ - Whiteboard subsitutes for distributed teams?

Submitted by DoofusOfDeath
DoofusOfDeath (636671) writes "I work on a fully distributed software development team with 5-10 people. Normally it's great, but when we're doing heavy design work, we really need to all be standing in front of a whiteboard together. This is expensive and time consuming, because it involves airplanes and hotels. Conference calls, editing shared Google docs, etc. just don't seem to be the same. Have people found any good tools or practices to replace standing in front of a real whiteboard?"

Comment: Re:New design (Score 1) 90

by rHBa (#49145925) Attached to: 3D Printers Making Inroads In Kitchens
For me, regards the preview, quote parent buttons, the text is visible but the button background only appears on hover.

I can also confirm that the Post and Load All Comments buttons are barely visible.

Also (I mentioned this below) no left margin inside the white container.

This is the same on FF36 and Chrome 40 on LinuxMint 17.

Comment: Re:New design (Score 1) 90

by rHBa (#49145847) Attached to: 3D Printers Making Inroads In Kitchens
I've seen other users complain of that but haven't noticed it myself (FF36 on Mint). The main annoyance for me (although it's certainly better than Beta and with a few tweaks could be great) is the complete lack of left hand margin. I mean I see 15px of grey and then first post has zero margin. I do see a right hand margin and other boxes further up the page (such as the summary) have left margin...

In fact if the comments section was the same width/margin as the summary above, that would be fine.

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