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Comment I've not seen it yet, but.. (Score 1) 737

...I remember from an ethics class, that some fella had the notion that politics was the supreme science in that it dictated what other sciences could and could not study. And did I see someone state that evolution was a fact/law? When its universally presented as a theory (ya know because we have no proof of a species turning into another over long periods of time)? While unpopular here, religious beliefs don't automatically mean anti-science. Spouting that line of nonsense debilitates your argument.

Comment Re:There's a little more to the story ... (Score 1) 452

Except that that whole, threatening legal action against your student and Staff, sure I understand. But your reason "People might use our acronym to confuse someone else in a bad way" does not mean you have power, precedence, or reason to make that sort of demand. Yes it stinks but your administration has saw fit to use a shotgun to kill a fly. Sure you might get the fly, but the collateral damage will be more costly to repair. JC's around the country already have well a established reputation of being the home of the less educated staff and students. That prejudice sound or not, it is there, and this even has added fuel to the fire. Beside all that, this entire effort will do nothing to prevent the use of the acronym in scandalous acts. You simply attacked your students and staff that refused the first time with C&D orders.

Comment Not the full story (Score 1) 1182

If enough people report you as causing problems, you get banned. If a few people where able to harass her enough and get enough people to report her, thems the breaks. She should have reported them and contacted Microsoft earlier. Its just rhetoric on her part. Its also entirely possible that she actually caused problems for other users, and being gays is just a convenient card for her to pull.

Comment At my district... (Score 1) 411

...we have mostly notebooks, arranged in carts. And they are used when teachers expect someone to google something. Students abuse the notebooks, pull keyboard keys off, sit on them breaking screens.

Staff expect you to just fix it, no matter how many computers have the problem. They want the latest programs, get idea about running CAD software from them,and get mad when you tell them thats not going to happen.

Managing wireless is a pain. 20+ notebooks on a single access point? Its slow, and they don't care why. They just know its slow. So you must not be doing your job. You can try cleaver methods of getting around it, but in the end, its gonna be slow unless you run a cable for each computer. But then, why not build a lab?

Someone before mentioned it. but it bears repeating. Batteries. Sure they last a decent time NOW. But in 3 years time when a desktop is still booting in 60seconds, and can run all day, you're gonna be fielding requests to replace batteries. And they are not cheap.

I can't speak for the thinclients side. Closest thing we have is a server that runs office 2007, so that we can use all our CAL licenses to save the school some money on software.

You don't develop curriculum. Teachers do. Well, in the States they do. And since many of them are older 'tenured' staffers, they find it offensive if you attempt to make them feel stupid teaching them things they don't care to know anything about.

Although in the UK, I'm not certain if those same realities exist.

If I myself got to start from scratch. I'd get a couple rooms, build a couple labs. Then have each room with a 'teacher' notebook, projector, and a a few mobile "Whiteboards".

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