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Comment: Airplanes - did anyone else notice... (Score 1) 731

by r2ravens (#6369278) Attached to: Review of T3: Rise of the Machines
I have not seen this on the IMDB goofs page (there isn't one yet) but when they took off in the private plane after exiting the particle accelerator, the numbers were N3973F, and when they landed at the base embedded in the mountain, the numbers were N3095C? I'm not sure the last number is correct, as I was so stunned by this continuity error. The N30 and C are correct, but don't remember the other two digits - N30??C.

Or maybe they had a layover with a plane change? :)

Can some of our aviation oriented friends on /. maybe tell us who those planes belong to or how to look that up? Just curious.

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