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Comment Re:Guess who's not getting an account with Santand (Score 1) 130 130

Nobody says this can't be used as an anti-fraud measure, it's just that this kind of sensible data should be collected with clear privacy statements that claim:
1- nobody but us can access this data
2- this data will never be sold to 3rd parties
3- this data can be accessed by authorities only after a warrant (well, this really depend on local legislation, I admit)
4- this data will be stored for this reasonably short amount of time
5- you can opt out from this service any time, here's how

Comment Re:Make me an offer (Score 1) 227 227

It's also a question of too low salaries: outsourcing to China allows businesses to pay very small salaries to local employees (they would be anyway able to buy Chinese products) and pocket the difference. Wonder why you won't get hired without a H1B? Look at the CEO income.

Comment Re:And this is news... (Score 3, Interesting) 309 309

The open-source radeon driver has hardware media coding/decoding working since a long time, with both VDPAU and OpenMAX interfaces. The codecs actually reside on the card and you already pay for their license when you buy it, what is missing is just an API to use them.

Comment Re:Honestly... (Score 1) 328 328

I'm not sure exactly what your test proves here, are you really that surprised that you got offered sex for money in Amsterdam?
I also travel quite some myself and the only time I got approached by a pimp was in Lloret de Mar, but that's basically an open-air brothel.

On a side note, being from Milan myself, could you elaborate on the "hard to tell"? Just curious.

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