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Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

Not a hater, but much keen on using straw man arguments.
Keep it on topic: whether sustainable or not, nobody forced communication companies to sell unlimited data plans. Basically they used it as a marketing ploy to sell what they didn't possess, and once internet traffic got high enough that the limits of their scheme would be tested, they backtraced. Which is contract breach, and possibly fraud if it can be proven they were aware of the Ponzi scheme nature of their offer.

Comment Re:You're so negative (Score 1) 145

Ultimately utopistic. Nations will still compete for access to natural resources, and will feed nationalisms and cultural particolarisms in order to do so. Access to oil and water supplies plays a major part in the current Middle East situation. Cultural, racial and religious identities are just tools in this struggle, even if the media will try to pass a simplicistic good vs. evil scenario.

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