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Comment: competing with asia (Score 1) 580

I ducked out of a STEM degree myself exactly because it was too much work and because science classes turned out to be a huge drag on my grades. However, this wasn't because the content itself was "hard," it was because at the university level all the math and science classes I took were graded competitively on a curve, and this system gave a tremendous advantage to all the students from Korea and China who were brought up spending every waking hour in study.

Ultimately, I changed to a liberal arts degree. This wasn't the only reason I switched away from STEM, but it certainly made my decision easier.

Comment: Re:WoW for PS4 and Xbox Durango?!?!? (Score 1) 150

by r0xtarninja (#43041441) Attached to: Blizzard Set To Debut 'Something New' At PAX East
And I don't buy it. Expansions have always been a Blizzard thing, and they have worked because they added on to an already complete product. SC2 could have had 10 games worth of Terran content, and it still would have been incomplete because there were no other campaigns.

Comment: Re:Where are you going to go? (Score 5, Insightful) 303

by r0xtarninja (#43030793) Attached to: EA Building Microtransactions Into All of Its Future Games
Diablo 3 is built around the assumption of an auction house. Whether you pay in time via the gold auction house, or in cash with the real money one, if you want to play the game to any appreciable level you WILL use that damn auction house. Drop rates in the game are abysmal to the point where you really cannot properly outfit a character with only items you acquire yourself. THAT is what ruined the game for me. I know people can argue that you are buying items from other players and not Blizzard under this arrangement, but even if you only use the gold AH or just don't participate at all, your gameplay experience is affected.

Comment: Re:Scaling is the Key! (Score 2) 365

by r0xtarninja (#42975205) Attached to: New Process Takes Energy From Coal Without Burning It
Sequestering = storage. That "other problem" you speak of is what gp was referring to. But pedantry aside, tech like this, gasification and other clean coal plans do solve some pieces of the clean energy puzzle and shouldn't be simply cast aside with a flippant "clean coal lol" comment.

Comment: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter (Score 2, Insightful) 285

by r0xtarninja (#15073392) Attached to: Advice on Learning Japanese?
If you want to learn Japanese solely on account of games and/or anime, I can tell you now to not bother. It's not worth the effort, nor is it a particularly useful language. That said, if you're insane like me, your best bet is to find a college with a good Japanese program, study a few years, then go live in Japan for a while. No matter how much you study, you'll never reach any useful level of fluency if you don't go over there for a while. Learning Japanese inherently requires you to learn Japan as well. GLHF

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