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Journal Journal: You are invited to take a drink from the Firehose

"You are invited to take a drink from the Firehose"

Wow do I feel special! How is it that someone like me, a person with "Karma: Terrible" gets invited to drink from the divine spring that is the Firehose. I could use the water, I am fasting for Lent, and water helps with the hunger pains. Usually just one meal a day now!

No, not this Divin.


Submission + - Tracking System to Nab Tor Pedophiles

Huskies3565 writes: Amidst concerns that pedophiles are using public Tor (the Onion Router) servers to trade in child pornography, Metasploit founder HD Moore is building a tracking system capable of pinpointing specific workstations that searched for and downloaded sexual images and videos of kids. Moore has come up with a series of countermeasures that include using patched Tor servers and a decloaking engine to detect the exact location of a pedophile within an organization or residence.

Submission + - "Spamtrap" - an electronic installation a

bshack writes: ""Spamtrap" is an interactive installation piece that helps me fine tune my spam email filter. (video) My Spamtrap monitors an email address I created specifically to lure in spam. I do not use this email address for any other communication. I post this email address on websites and online bulletin boards that cause it to be harvested by spambots and then to start receiving spam. Because I know that all email sent to this email address is spam, I can adjust my spam filter to look for characteristics found in those confirmed spam messages when filtering out spam for my personal email account. Click here for more information about Spamtraps. The installation uses a wirelessly network connected Pentium II computer, personal printer, personal shredder and a Spamtrap email address. When a new spam email is detected by my installation, it automatically prints it out. The printed email slides down a track into the shredder that analyzes it. After the spam email has been analyzed the paper is then recycled. Watch the Documentation Video"

Submission + - Hacker attempts to break Tor anonymity

Anonymous Coward writes: "It appears that "über-hacker HD Moore" has been hard at work attempting to exploit Tor. His claimed motivation is, no surprise here, to track down evil paedophiles using Tor to trade in their nefarious wares. Unfortunately for Moore, his attack is easily defeated by anyone who can read the documentation."

Submission + - WGA rats on aborters

An anonymous reader writes: The new version of Microsofts Windows Genuine Advantage Notification phones home — even if the user chooses not to install it and presses "cancel". heise Security documented the oputbound communication with a packet dump. Microsoft says, they are only doing this "to improve the quality of the WGA for users."

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