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Comment: Re:Okaaay. (Score 1) 203 203

Huge respect for you sir. This is how an IT professional behaves. Since it is Outlook I would just throw it all into a pst to preserve the information. Put it on a USB stick and give it to your current boss. Even if he doesn't understand or see the value in it now he will one day. Do not leave the building with the USB stick as it is all company information anyway. You could even send them a signed email from your personal email account on what you have provided them and why and how to reach you should they need anything in the future. I think the comments on consulting are fair game at that point.

A professional never leaves the old shop high and dry.

Comment: Re:The 90's all over again... (Score 1) 151 151

Why can't you do it? Life commitments? I know when I was single with no kids I would be ok living out of a storage locker if I had to. But today, it's not only a matter of can or can't but also wanting it. Life perspectives have changed for me and it is impossible to be totally selfish and make other sacrifice a pretty good life. No regrets either way.

Hope you get a chance to develop your idea. Cheers.

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