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Comment: Re:Mystery? (Score 1) 491

by quipalicious (#46565711) Attached to: How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370
you assume there was a pilot awake to make such a landing auto pilots don't typically perform water landings, automated landing systems exist, but use gps and/radar. The most likely cause is a tire fire in the front landing gear. The fire spread slowly, but once outside the wheel well, smoke would overcome the pilots as well as the passengers. oxegen use would fuel the fire, and smoke hoods only work for 2 minutes. They were trying to make for the closest runway.

May they rest in peace.

I doubt the black box will be found, it's 2 miles under the just about the coldest nastiest ocean in the world. I hope we are able to invent a little floating black box/data streaming for emergency situations. It is so sad to see lives lost, and sadder still if we can't point definitive fingers at the cause.

Comment: Lets just abolish speed limits everywhere already (Score 2) 992

by quipalicious (#41262009) Attached to: Texas Opens Fastest US Highway With 85 MPH Limit
There are so many alarmist statements in the article where to start? Best to lower all the speed limits to zero and take the train. How about we test removing speed limits all together? They are arbitrary anyways based on best road conditions, and for the majority of vehicles and vehicle types that use the road. How would a limitless road work? Instead of fining for speed we fine for hitting other vehicles (Rule 1: don't hit things), being a douchbag (Rule 2: be courteous and respect rules of the road, like not driving in the left lane from trip start to finish, merging properly and allowing vehicles to merge), driving too fast for conditions - which would include driving way to fast down a crowded city street, if you have no chance to react to pedestrians or bikers or whatever, you are going to fast. (for extra credit: for all you that think driving 55mph/90kph should be the maxium because of fuel economy, think of the lives that are lost because drivers fall asleep because they are bored, or start texting because they are bored. Driving faster increases excitement and the involvement of the driver. Lord forbid we actually have some fun.)

Comment: Re:Still prefer Gnome 2, now Mate (Score 1) 818

by quipalicious (#40285967) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?
I still like G2 as well. The first thing I hated about KDE was the click click click driving menus forwards backwards, never knowing where I was or how I got there if it was interesting. Linux Control Panels are always a rats nest of apps that are vaguely similar, but never do what you need. I work on a laptop with a second screen half the time, I'd love it if i could just plug in the thing, have it expand my desktop my preferred way. Glorious, it would be.

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