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Comment: A mouse that can take my abuse (Score 1) 199

by quintesse (#49348395) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

A mouse that won't break after a couple of month of intense gaming, meaning I might press button much more forcefully than actually needed but that's just what happens when in the middle of a kill streak, I get all excited and the mouse suffers. And it's even worse when I'm losing ;)

Seriously though, I've thrown away so many mice whose micro-switches just gave out on me. Sometimes they'll last a while, others only a couple of months. Not one seems to last much more than a year. Some other time it's not the switch itself but the plastic bits that press on it. In any case something always breaks.

Now I really wouldn't mind paying more for a sturdy mouse, but none of the tests/reviews ever seem to care about that aspect. (Some manufacturers tell you about millions of clicks, but of course they only test normal light clicks)

Comment: Re:Jeez (Score 1) 96

by quintesse (#49163613) Attached to: Valve and HTC Reveal "Vive" SteamVR Headset

If you read carefully you'll see it's more a competitor to the Rift than to GearVR. Meaning it's a stand-alone unit (no need for a mobile phone), tethered (although the controllers, whatever they will be seem to be wireless. Also, no batteries.) and need a powerful PC to get the most out of it.
The refresh rate on the displays (plural, one for each eye) is 90Hz so latency for that part at least should be really good.
Head tracking seems to use kinect-like lasers, cameras and other sensors, not much detail there yet.
But they mention something like a total of over 70 sensors.
They also mention that you can freely walk around in an area of 15x15ft (4.5x4.5m) when using something called Valve's Base Stations.

Comment: And seeing the reactions so far... (Score 4, Insightful) 962

by quintesse (#47511687) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

And seeing the reactions so far not much is going to change about this shit. Disappointingly few people are even willing to entertain the possibility that the story might actually be true. Only coming up with excuses, bogus counter-examples ("I'm a guy who knows some women and I've never seen this happen") or just outright hatred and scorn. Way to go guys!

Comment: Re:Very interesting (Score 3, Informative) 284

by quintesse (#47395173) Attached to: Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

I don't know, should we find it *what* exactly, you didn't really state that. Surprising? No, it's not, that's indeed the survival instinct taking over. In general your breathing is not conscious, although we have conscious control unlike for example your heart. But in general it's not possible for example to hold your breath until you are dead. There are some ways to hold your breath until you pass out, but the moment you do you start breathing again. (All this AFAIK)

Comment: Re:Homeopathy Works (Score 1) 408

No, that's not a good example at all. Live exists, we're here so we know that. The proposition that life might exist on other planets can be made but right now we don't have any way to test that besides going out there and look for it. But still we can hypothesize that based on our current understanding of the universe it's likely but such and such an amount. (An amount which in recent years has only been going up now we see that planets are much more common than previously thought)

Homeopathy is exactly the opposite around. All our understanding of the universe says it can't work. And all the (proper) experiments that have been done don't show any evidence for it working. So there is a "lack of evidence".

But in the same way there is a lack of evidence for unicorns and the flying spaghetti monster.

We have a lack of evidence for the existence of unicorns and strangely enough scientists don't give a rats ass about trying to "prove" that (you can't prove non-existence after all), it's just too ridiculous. For scientists homeopathy fits that same category as unicorns. The only reason *any* research is done at all is because there just so many damn **** that believe in it. So they try to come up with ways to prove that unicorns don't exist and believers (because in the end that's what they are) just keep coming up with stranger and stranger reasons for why they're failing (your virgin was too old/too young or it wasn't a proper full moon, or, or)

Comment: Re:Does it really cost $100k? (Score 1) 461

by quintesse (#46462009) Attached to: The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery

Ehm sorry? I would definitely *not* pay another $100 dollars on the off chance that *if* my plane crashes (very very unlikely) my remains will *perhaps* get found a little bit sooner. Really, I'm dead already, I won't care. And my family isn't going to pay that $100 either. "Hey you want to pay $100 for my flight so you can rest assured that if I die you'll know exactly where?". I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

The plane won't be any *safer* for that $100, not one bit.

Comment: Re:So instead of diving for hours with an air tank (Score 2) 375

by quintesse (#45974431) Attached to: Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own

Well besides the fact that when you get a leak somewhere with a tank you still have time left (hopefully) to get to safety (depending on the size of the leak). A problem with the gills results in having no air whatsoever instantly. Dunno, I think I prefer tried and true technology in this case :)

Comment: Kindle store useless (Score 1) 382

by quintesse (#45771553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Do Mobile Versions of Websites Suck?

I have this with the Amazon store from within the Kindle app. It's completely useless compared to the desktop website. Even things as simple as turning the author's name into a link to their other works just isn't there. And that's just a simple link, so it can't be because they need to make it work for simple devices. So they only reason I can come up with is that they simply don't care.

+ - Red Hat releases Ceylon language 1.0.0->

Submitted by Gavin King
Gavin King (3267013) writes "Ceylon 1.0 is a modern, modular, statically typed programming language for the Java and JavaScript virtual machines. The language features:
  • an emphasis upon readability and a strong bias toward omission or elimination of potentially-harmful constructs,
  • an extremely powerful type system combining subtype and parametric polymorphism with declaration-site variance, including first-class union and intersection types, and using principal types for local type inference and flow-dependent typing,
  • a unique treatment of function and tuple types, enabling powerful abstractions,
  • first-class constructs for defining modules and dependencies between modules,
  • a very flexible syntax including comprehensions and support for expressing tree-like structures, and
  • fully-reified generic types, on both the JVM and JavaScript virtual machines, and a unique typesafe metamodel.
  • More information about these language features may be found in the feature list and quick introduction.


Link to Original Source

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