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Comment: Re:Isn't this going in reverse? (Score 2, Informative) 124

by quinspr70c0l (#20240387) Attached to: MIT Team Creates Cancer Stem Cells
There are multiple advantages of using cancer cells in research. Stem cells are generally hard to come by. Cancerous versions of the cells tend to be tougher and grow much more rapidly enabling cell cultures to be easily shared among scientists. Normal cells tend to stop growing after they reach a certain density and form only a thing layer on a Petri dish. Cancer cells exhibit no such inhibitions. The first mammalian cells that could be cultured indefinitely were the HeLa which were cancerous. I would imagine that these cancerous stem cells would greatly aid stem cell research.

+ - M$ to acquire aquantive , advertising wars heat up

Submitted by wizgrav
wizgrav (666) writes "Microsoft does a huge takeover ( $6bn ) of aQuantive (AQNT) and thus starts the advertising world war ... or a great waste of money to some very happy shareholders. Personal favorite from the announcement "Microsoft has set a leading example in prioritizing industry partnership, transparency, measurement and quality". Can you feel the satisfaction that derives from having alot of hot stock (air?) in the online advertising biz these days. Google throws the bones , Ballmer fetch boy!!!"

+ - Paul Murphy: "Intel Macs Are Killing the Plane

Submitted by Leeenux
Leeenux (891519) writes "According to LinuxInsider's Paul Murphy, Apple's migration from PowerPC to Intel processors resulted in a massive spike in power consumption that has hurt economic diversity of the US and devastated the environment. Even worse, he suggests, it involves scandal on the part of Apple board member Al Gore. RDM disagrees: Paul Murphy's 'Intel Macs Are Killing the Planet' Myth."

+ - EU threatens Microsoft with "Structural Remedy

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "EU threatens Microsoft with "structural remedy" over antitrust compliance Microsoft continues to butt heads with the European Commission while trying to comply with the EC's antitrust requirements. This time, the spat revolves around Microsoft's pricing on its server software, with the EC alleging that Microsoft has set unreasonably high prices for access to its Windows Server protocol information in order to keep the competition at bay No anti-breakup protection from their friend's at the White House this time around!!! hreatens-microsoft-with-structural-remedy-over-ant itrust-compliance.html"

UK scientists building robot village -- can we come?->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Robots

We've had it with all these sucky carbon-based lifeforms we have to smell and talk to every day. Some scientists at University of Abertay in the UK are setting up a four-year study of 60 miniature robots in a "village" setting, and we're hoping they've got room for a blogger or two. The bots will be split into groups and programmed to observe and imitate one another performing different tasks. Since the imitations will be slightly different each time, the scientists hope to be able to develop a sort of robot "culture" to try and understand how culture emerges in natural and artificial societies. Then things will get really crazy, nerd style. The scientists will alter conditions -- don't say we didn't warn you -- to see how the robots will adapt, and will alternate between states several times over a period of months to see just how much they can screw with the hapless bots. Perhaps this doesn't sound like so much fun after all, we're out. If you see a small, disgruntled army of 60 or so miniature bots wandering around your corner of England in the next few months, we suggest you run.

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