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Comment: Re:Did it without RedPower2 addon (Score 4, Informative) 160

The description states that he used a custom texture pack, nothing more. In this pack he made a bunch of iron blocks with text on them. He also made Wooden pressure plates invisible, and had placed them over the 'buttons'. Pretty ingenious.

+ - Slashdot joins SOPA protest in last minute decisio-> 2

Submitted by eparker05
eparker05 (1738842) writes "The well known tech news aggregator Slashdot made a late Tuesday decision to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest. Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision and see it as a necessary step to prevent pervasive censorship. Slashdot is known for it's continued support of anonymous posting by users and has come out strongly in opposition of internet censorship in the past. Still, this is the first time that Slashdot has closed it's doors in protest of a piece of legislation.

Note: this has not happened yet! Vote this story up and show the editors that we want them to show solidarity against SOPA/PIPA !"

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Comment: There can only be one! (Score 2) 126

by quiet down (#37462886) Attached to: Augmented Reality's Disruptive Potential
The reason physical space has any value at all is that there is only ONE of that given space. If / When AR becomes a thing that actually matters, there is zero chance that only one AR 'space' within a physical space exists, making it meaningless if someone took your physical space and used it for whatever they wanted to in AR. No single entity will hold a monopoly over AR 'space'. There would be all sorts of varieties, such as MS, Apple, Starbucks, TPB, you name it. As soon as that 'space' is available to anyone who gives enough of a shit to set up something in an AR, all value it may have held is lost forever.

Comment: Re:Of course it is. (Score 2, Interesting) 85

by quiet down (#35959462) Attached to: DirecTV Plans Netflix Competitor
Well, the market for video media is changing. If they didn't do this or come up with something that raised the competitive bar dramatically, they would just be left in the dust. Whether this is a good or bad thing is another matter. It could cause Netflix to expand its selection - which it really needs to do, it's way to small even at this point - or it may just as easily cut the market for this kind of thing into smaller sections - for example, Netflix having a monopoly over Disney movies or something of the sort.

Comment: Re:Odd Binning (Score 1) 264

by quiet down (#35662154) Attached to: My in-use, non-TV displays add up to (diag.):
20" display + 19" display != 39" display, if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure the question is asking for the size of a SINGLE display using all the real estate from active devices in, 4:3 or some other such aspect ratio. - Don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. Blame my poor math skills and the fact that it's getting late.

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