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Comment Re:Garage Nukes (Score 1) 637

... it's about preventing people from becoming our enemies in the first place.

Problem is, for that to be possible, you have to get into a situation where those people aren't our enemies. How do you get that? Getting rid of our enemies. How do we get that? There are various ways of doing it but, most involve doing stuff that make people our enemies.

My point? What you're talking about might have been possible (I don't think so though... most people are, in my opinion, assholes by nature regardless of race/religion/politics/gender/whatever) at some point in the distant past but, at this point, the only way of us getting to a point where we have no enemies would mean us being the only ones left. Then again, maybe I'm just too pessimistic...

Anyway, just my $0.02...

A Technical History of Apple's Operating Systems 244

An anonymous reader writes "As part of his 1680-page book Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach, Amit Singh of wrote a very detailed technical history of Apple's operating systems. Since he had to cut down on the history chapter because of the book's already too-large size, most of this chapter didn't make it to the printed book. Singh has made available the history chapter as a free PDF. The file is 140 pages long, and is generously filled with figures and screenshots. It starts with the internals of the original Apple I and goes through a tour of all operating systems Apple dabbled with, including internals of A/UX, Lisa OS, and such. It even covers details of outside influences like the Xerox Alto, STAR System, Smalltalk, and Sketchpad, and closer to home things like Mach, NeXTStep, and OpenStep."

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