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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: how to verify your identity without being there in person? 1 1

united_notions writes: I work for a large university, and our recruitment policy allows us to interview prospective staff and grad students over Skype, but the chosen applicant still has to show up in person before they can be formally appointed. This is so that they can physically hold up a genuine passport and prove their identity (as a failsafe against bogus interviews). What other ways could applicants do this, without flying potentially around the world just to file paperwork?

Submission + - Sharkskin May Be Next Innovation in Swimwear->

sciencehabit writes: Researchers have used a 3D printer to replicate the properties of sharksin. Sharkskin is as rough as high grain sandpaper thanks to millions of small toothlike scales called denticles. Grooves along these denticles smooth the flow of passing water, giving swimming sharks a boost. Using the printer, the team studded thousands of identical 2-millimeter denticles onto both sides of a flexible foil. In slow-flowing water, the denticles reduced drag on the foil by 8.7%; the benefits were even more pronounced when the robotic arm mimicked a swimming motion, the team reports, with a 6.6% increase in swimming speed and a 5.9% reduction in energy expenditure. The researchers believe the material could one day be used in speed-boosting swimsuits, though they admit major manufacturing challenges could leave the idea dead in the water.
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