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Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

If you really think science can be completely outsourced to the private sector you are beyond delusional.

I am all for commercial, high quality R&D but businesses will never pay for basic research. Who in the private sector would have hired Einstein?

All our modern technology is based on Quantum Mechanics. Do yourself a favor, look up the people who created it, where and how they worked. To imagine that somehow the private sector would have funded this research is ludicrous.

If you kill the high quality state research universities, you will still have MIT, Harvard etc. i.e. the private universities that know why tenure works. They will still put out good science, but fewer Americans will then have access to that kind of education, or academic career.

It's just one more scheme to make sure the American century is over. I am sure the slack will be picked up by China.

Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

Don't think you understand how academia works. Post-docs slave for ridiculously low salaries to have a shot at tenure, and you can not teach science on the highest grad school level if you don't produce top research.

Of course Scott Walker doesn't understand academia either. As far as I know he didn't even attend college.


Comment Re:The elephant in the room (Score 1) 119

Germany has a nice mix, that allows for local candidates as well as proportionality (two votes system).

Extremists are kept out via a 5% threshold that a party need to clear to get into the government.

German governments tend to be very stable, and the count of conservative chancellors outweighs the left of center one (they also tend to govern longer, i.e. Merkel, Kohl).

Also political aristocracy like you have in Japan is quite alien to Germany.

Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

Well, at least there is one thing we can agree on.

Other than that I quite enjoy universal healthcare up here. My wife had a couple health scares and the system always came through. Never saw a bill.

And I don't think my kids are getting indoctrinated either, then again maybe I am also indoctrinated?

Anyhow, up here public ed is managed on the provincial level.

Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

Have been following this guy's MO for quite a while. His main source of campaign financing comes from the Koch brothers, and already the first law he introduced as state legislator was authored by ALEC.

The union busting is just par for the course.

What makes him so dangerous is that he comes across as a perfectly reasonable, electable dude, yet he is fully committed to delivers the goods to his sponsors. He knows how to execute their program. His tenure in Wisconsin is ample proof of that.

Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

He has shown that he is determined to dismantle essential governmental standards and programs in his state.

I strongly believe that he'd stop at nothing, social security, medicaid, public education. Any governmental program not targeted at defense and security would end up on the chopping block.

Once he was done with America you wouldn't recognize it anymore.


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