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Comment Brain full by 20? What? (Score 1) 267 267

"'By the time we're even 20, we've filled it up,' he said, adding that the only way to add information after that point is to 'repurpose our neocortex to learn something new.'" What exactly does that mean? I'm well past 20 and constantly learn new things. If I'm "repurposing my neocortex" every time I do it, it seems to be working as intended I guess?

Comment Re:make more (Score 1) 813 813

You're probably joking, but that's actually an interesting thought. What are the implications of immortality tech on punishment / torture? Currently no matter how bloodthirsty and depraved someone is, the most they can do is torture someone for a (few days?) Death provides a natural escape to that and many other things.

Comment Re:Encyclopedia Galactica (Score 1, Troll) 305 305

Some apps spy on me -> I pirate everything! Sounds like someone is trying to justify being a cheap-ass. (With a dose of sociopathy since apparently you're excited about the prospect of devs losing their jobs so you don't have to pay $0.99!)

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