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Comment Re:Persistance (Score 1) 483

Flash is actually quite bad at this use case. Every widget you drop on the page will be it's own Flash instance, and suck up 40MB of RAM. You can only put a handful on a page before you get serious performance degradation. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/531869/multiple-flash-objects-on-a-single-web-page

Comment It's the users, stupid (Score 1) 176

Gmail's biggest advantage is sheer number of users, not the actual technology. Their filtering would be pretty effective if all they did was learn from their users hitting the spam button. If you get a spam into your inbox, chances are that hundreds or maybe thousands of other gmail users read that message before you and marked it as spam. After a certain number of these manual filtering events, Gmail can simply blow it out of all other mailboxes.

Comment Re:Speaking as an Enterprise user (Score 1) 312

I usually manage to sell the concept of contributing as a future compatibility issue. If you make a one-off change and don't get it merged back, your company is going to be the one supporting that change in the future. If you can get it merged, there is a very good chance that you will be able to deploy future versions without modifications.

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