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Comment Why the lack of interest? (Score 1) 98

I read the article but I wasn't quite certain why people weren't interested.

It sounds like it was too much work to maintain and implement, but it sounded like a lot of their implementation simply wasn't being used by anyone. Is it just the fact that LSB isn't as necessary/useful as people thought it would? I feel like most projects end up checking against Debian or RHEL and most distros adopt one of those as a sort of informal standard.

Comment It's all in the wording (Score 1) 460

"It's the decision of a couple of software engineers, not the board members."

He said it was their decision, as in they took the initiative to make it happen. He doesn't say they were the only ones in the know nor that they approved it. For all we know these "couple of software engineers" could be mid to high level managers who go approval from the board before working with hardware to make the change.

Comment This sounds dubious (Score 2) 98

According to documents filed in the case, the company learned months after the hack that someone had used an Uber digital security key to access the driver database. A copy of the key was inadvertently posted by Uber on one of its public pages on the code development platform GitHub in March of 2014, prior to the breach, the court filings show, and remained there for months.

After Uber discovered the unauthorized download, it examined the Internet Protocol addresses of every visitor to the page during the time between when the key was posted and when the breach occurred, according to court documents. The Uber review concluded that "the Comcast IP address is the only IP address that accessed the GitHub post that Uber has not eliminated" from suspicion, court papers say.

So for months this key was sitting on a public website and they've managed to eliminate every other address from suspicion?

Unless the actual URL was somehow hidden that sounds very unlikely, I'd wager there are hacking groups who write robots to crawl around the web looking for private keys.

We don't even know in what form the key was posted, if it were sitting in some chunk of code that Uber had posted to GitHub I wouldn't be in the least surprised that the Lyft CTO decided to checkout the project to see what the rival company was doing.

Comment Bunch of morons (Score 2) 359

It's obviously fiction, just like Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 (everyone knows you can't put a square peg in a round hole), Neal Armstrong in Apollo XI Landing (dead giveaway, where did they "go"? There are no bathrooms no the moon!), and Steve Coogan in Around the World in 80 Days (the lizard people grab anyone who gets too close to the edge).

Comment Re:Outside factors (Score 2) 191

1. Harvard doesn't necessarily mean genuinely smart, believe me I have first-hand experience. Additionally, a bunch of cocky elitists from an Ivy League school probably didn't prepare in for this little shindig to the same extent as their opponents. In fact, you might say their opponents were captivated with their training....

So how do you rationalize the prisoners beating West Point as well?

Comment Re:Outside factors (Score 1) 191

1. Harvard doesn't necessarily mean genuinely smart, believe me I have first-hand experience. Additionally, a bunch of cocky elitists from an Ivy League school probably didn't prepare in for this little shindig to the same extent as their opponents. In fact, you might say their opponents were captivated with their training....

Or it could be that the prisoners had a lot more time to dedicate to preparation, the advantage of experience since the Harvard team has probably just assembled, and even did a legitimately good job.

2. Look at the position that the good left-wing indoctrinated Harvardites were asked to take: That forcing public schools to educate any and all children of illegal aliens is not necessarily a good thing.

They can use all of their technical debate skills all day long, but you know that they secretly wanted to lose. After all, they heartily approve of forcing taxpayers to pay for free schooling that teaches illegal alien kids that America is evil & racist while failing to teach them English, because English literacy == racism. After all, they go to private prep schools and don't have to see any of those kids, so it's all well and good if the the lower classes have to put up with them.

Yeah, I'm certain the "bunch of cocky elitists" secretly wanted to lose to a bunch of prisoners.

Comment Re:Either the companies will fix this, or (Score 1) 174

Either the companies will fix this, or the market will. If guys from Fanduel are winning big by playing at Draftkings and vice versa, no one who is not in the know will play.

Only if they're found out. Who knows how many DraftKing and FanDuel employees have been using this strategy? This kind of scam can be very hard for the users to detect so you end up with a lot of people getting scammed and legitimate businesses with no easy way to distinguish themselves from the crooked businesses.

Plus there's an externalization problem, it's the FanDuel users that were harmed by the actions of the DraftKing employee. Those two are big enough to cooperate in keeping their employees playing fairly but there's nothing to stop an employee from a smaller site pulling a similar scam on FanDuel or DraftKing.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 401

> I'm an old fogie and used to laugh tracks. Most "light" comedies seem awkward without them. It guess it's hard to make every generation happy.

I grew up with them too. I think what really destroyed them for me was that, after I realized they existed, I noticed....they just keep using the same one over and over. Its like that Wilhelm Scream. Once your recognize it....its not part of the scene anymore...its jarring.

I don't hear "people laughing" I hear "that laugh track", the same one I have heard since I was a kid. The "magic" is entirely gone. I almost feel like, if they had a small assortment of 10 laugh tracks and rotate them within the same show....I might have never even noticed....but its the same laugh for every joke!

What you're hearing is the sound of a roomful of very enthusiastic people laughing. It's just like if you averaged the sum of 20 numbers between 0 and 10, you're going to end up getting a lot of numbers very close to 5.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 4, Interesting) 401

I think that's the main reason I can't watch that show, and to this date haven't watched a full episode yet. Every time I hear the laugh track I want to gag. What is this, 1965? If they're going to do it that way, at least have a live studio audience like Married with Children had that actually responds appropriately to what's happening when it's genuinely funny.

In Big Bang Theory just feels like somebody is methodically trying to tell you "ok, you laugh here, even if it's not funny" throughout the whole show.

So what? It works.

We're social creatures, if a bunch of other people laughing tells us that a bad joke is funny we're probably going to laugh and we're going to enjoy it. Who cares if the audience is over-eager, if you let yourself enjoy it you'll have a better time.

The only reason to drop the laugh track is it ties you to doing punch line comedies where everything is punctuated with a lot of small jokes and thoughts tend to end after the punchline. You couldn't do something like Arrested Development with a laugh track because there's a lot of jokes without specific punchlines, or jokes that overlap.

Of course Arrested Development also got cancelled because they had poor ratings, a laugh track comedy that wasn't so challenging for the viewer might have done better.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 401

OK, so if they have a live studio audience, how is it they managed to make it sound exactly like the laugh track from the Brady Bunch? The outcome is terrible regardless of whether the source is recorded or live.

You're dealing with dozens of people laughing at the same time, there's no individual variation at that point, any unusual laugh will get drowned out and you'll just get the averaged sound of laughter.

Canned laughter can be more unusual because you can combine just a few different laughs and have some distinction and variety.

Comment Summary of discussion (Score 0) 345

Group A: Fraud protection sucks because of a single anecdote I have where the facts I present make the credit card company sound really uncaring and incompetent!

Group B: The plural of anecdotes is not data! Fraud protection is a really hard problem and generally works really well. Oh no, I don't actually have data.

Group C: First post!

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

The way to deter mass shootings is to move away from the gun culture in general.

While we are busy disagreeing on this fantasy concept, why don't we stop advertising where all the unarmed and helpless people are to slaughter?

Imagining that eliminating gun free zones would help is a fantasy. I'm a guy, if I was in one of those classrooms I imagine myself self tackling him and beating him into submission, that wouldn't work but it's nice to imagine. If was a gun fan I'd imagine I'd go rambo and shoot him. It's a bit more plausible but I don't think it works that well in reality either, I'm sure lots of mass shootings have happened in zones that allow guns but it just doesn't work the same way as in the movies.

As for changing the culture. There are lots of other nations that don't glorify guns the way the US does, that don't have movies with constant shooting and heroes having awesome giant gun collections. And to be frank that's something a lot of these shooters tend to have in common, they have access to a lot of guns and come from families who are involved with guns. It makes sense why that happens, the more comfortable you are with guns, the more that comfort is accepted as part of the culture, the more likely you are to obsess about them and feel really comfortable using them to solve problems.

This guy in particular had a lot of guns and regularly went to the shooting range with his mother. If his mother didn't own guns and if his friends and neighbours didn't indulge his gun interest he probably doesn't go on this rampage.

Comment Re: Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 445

I suggested attempting to help all economically/apathetic-parent disadvantaged children. Is there some reason you want to help only those of certain races?

I didn't catch that part of your comment the first time I read it but I largely agree.

That being said some of these issues are very race specific, if an Irishman walks into a store no one knows he's an Irishman and the clerk probably won't stare the whole time because he thinks Irishmen are shoplifters. But black people are regularly subjected to a level of scrutiny and suspicion white people never experience, the guy at the till will always watch them extra close, the cop is that much more likely to stop them for a chat. A lot of the problems do have an origin in explicit racism that isn't that distant. I don't think it's that indefensible to look at race as the characteristic we can target to try and start fixing things.

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