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+ - Synching Laptops With Desktops?

Submitted by quadrox
quadrox (1174915) writes "I would like to know how slashdot readers keep data (photos, letters, code projects etc.) on their laptop synchronized with their desktop computer. I realize that a simple solution is to hook them up on the network and use something like rsync (though I have never tried) but I was wondering whether anyone is employing any alternative schemes. I believe there are multiple ways to do this, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, so I would like to know which solution other slashdotters prefer and why.

One solution could be store the home partition/folder on an external drive, preferably a 2.5 inch drive so you don't need an extra power supply. The disadvantage would be that you could only have one computer using it at a time. Another similar solution could involve a (physically small) NAS, preferably with wifi built in, but this again requires you to lug that around with you whenever you go somewhere. The advantage would be that you probably could hold more data than what is possible with most typical laptop drives. You could also connect the NAS to the internet and get your data that way, but that again has its obvious drawbacks (connection speed, security). Finally you could use the laptop drive as an NFS drive for the desktop computer, but that doesn't really appeal to me.

Are there any other options I have missed? Is rsync still the best way to go?"

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