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Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 1) 473 473

Sorry to interrupt. But finding a suitable name is one of the few exciting things that I like. I feel that giving a solid name to a project gives it a good feel and motivates people. Yea.. I am one of those types.. I focus on the exterior more than the interior.

Comment: Re:Nothing to see here (Score 1) 437 437

Very true indeed. True comparison of languages is really difficult because it depends on a whole lot of other factors which take higher priority while choosing a language. Just because you are choosing the latest stuff like ASP.NET MVC 4 and IIS8 won't make your code run faster.

Comment: Re:Not just space, but research in general... (Score 1) 315 315

Indian here. Just wanted to point that the prime minister knows very well that its a futile effort. Well, about the money, it is going to land in the pockets of politicians. That's how things work here, the prime minister is just puppet in the hands of others. Poverty is something on our blood, even if we become rich and live in modern cities, that's something hard to take out of our system.

Comment: Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 188 188

A small sacrifice for the greater good called "technology". Its a trade off that we need to take our chances on. Anyway, this is just what the FBI is telling us. Think of all the stuff that they might already be tracking on us. Consider unauthorised wiretaps, satellite tracking, cell phone triangulation to name a few.

Comment: Re:spoonful of sugar (Score 1) 263 263

Depends on the person.

This holds true for every theory. But I guess the basic idea is that people judge themselves by the reaction from their surroundings, in this case- the society.

Lack of negative feedback is in no way the only factor in overconfidence. Too much of a positive feedback will also give overconfidence. But this theory is from a different perspective. Its just trying to point out that we are reluctant to give negative feedback and people might take it in a different way. I have to say that I do not totally agree with this view because I feel, unless you get positive feedback or what you can call "appreciation", we don't feel motivated to do better. How can a neutral situation make anybody overconfident ?

Anyways, people will continue to make radical attempts to understand society. This is a weak one.

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