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+ - Eight more pile on the Google train to LawyerLand->

Submitted by Digital_Mercenary
Digital_Mercenary writes: Eight more firms have now joined the case according to Reuters, including the National Music Publishers' Association, the Rugby Football League and, bizarrely, the Finnish Football League Association. band/news/yet-more-firms-line-up-to-sue-youtube?ar ticleid=2122093695

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Comment: Re:Seems like a waste of time and money (Score 3, Informative) 965

by qtothemax (#14413722) Attached to: Felony For Refreshing a Web Page?
It may not be a big east coast city, but it certainly does have its crime and bad areas in the wake if the steel mills closing. Is Gary Indiana, ~100,000 people, a midwestern town where life moves a little slower? Gary has the highest crime rate in the country. Gary is an extension of Chicago, and Canton is an extension of Cleveland/Akron. Former steel towns are not nice places.

The absent ones are always at fault.