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Comment: Re: Umm... Lulz.... (Score 1) 253

by qpqp (#49109253) Attached to: Will Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis Support Cryptocurrency In Greece?

The oil markets will not accept local currencies; it has to be dollars or in some cases, euros.

You're forgetting Rubles, which is a serious oversight currently.
Also, Greeks do have their own oil, if they start drilling. They have their own electricity too. It'd be difficult, but possible.

Comment: Re: Umm... Lulz.... (Score 1) 253

by qpqp (#49109241) Attached to: Will Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis Support Cryptocurrency In Greece?

They need to start working with the plan that was made for them to clear up the mess and other nations will help them.

Wrong. I wouldn't work with a plan that forces me to cut my own legs (sell state-owned, important infrastructure to the likes of Telekom, Vattenfall, etc.) either, instead I'd look for a proper way out (grow - not shrink).

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#49035955) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space

Dude, I'm trying real hard to explain the other perspective to you, you know, the one, where there's not a one-sided synchronization of all^H^H^Hmost available media, but you know, one based on certain historical facts and tidbits you might not have known, because they are not presented by the western propaganda machine (which is working just as good as the Russian one).

"military invasion of Eastern Ukraine, Russian incursions into Moldova, Azerbaijan, Syria, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, and Sweden as what, "humanitarian"?" [citation needed, citation needed, citation needed, ...]
Please be so kind and provide something that actually proves what you are claiming. I know this is an old argument, and is often used to discredit someone using it as a "Russian puppet," but please, for gods sake, fucking provide EVIDENCE! You know, hard, tangible evidence, not some bullshit rhetorics. It's been what, almost a year and there's not a single reliable satellite photo depicting the alleged thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks and APCs. WTF?! And the other countries... just WTF are you talking about? Japan? Latvia? Estonia? Sweden? WTF, WTF, WTF are you fucking talking about?? The "submarine", which was later found out to be a hoax? What?
And Please, fucking J-A-P-A-N? WHAT THE FUCK?! You mean the friggin' Kuril Islands that they're disputing for decades? The fuck you talking about?
The Baltic countries? They're in NATO, do you understand the absurdity of your statement that Russia had incursions into their territory? Do you know what collective security is and means? Man... You're waaaaaay out of your comfort zone. This is ridiculous.
Azerbaijan... Hmm, please read about the frozen conflict there, please understand the genocide of the Armenians that happened with the help of Azerbaijani mercenaries orchestrated by Turkey. You're conflating things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, even if we assume your invalid premise of Russian imperialism.

As opposed to you, I did provide at least rudimentary links to non-media sites that back up the claims I make. But you're just lacking them altogether.
Like: "Hell, just a couple of weeks ago Russia flew a pair of nuclear bombers only a few miles off the coast [...]" [...] in international waters [...] [!!!!!!!!!!] Here, fixed that for you. Or did you miss the memo that you can do whatever the fuck you want there? Really, please do read some of the numerous sources from your country that are more critical of The Media Script (tm).
If you want, look up in historical sources how often the UK scrambles their jets for stuff like this. Or the US. Or Russia. This is fucking normal! (Not that I don't think it's batshit crazy to do, but it's happening regularly!)

"If you can't see the hypocrisy in the entirety of your argument with your desperate primarily US focus then you're beyond hope"
Bullshit. It's not an anti-US focus, read it again and again, until you finally fucking get it. At least look at some of the proof/backup for the arguments that I use! Understand that you're being just as manipulated with as what you allege me to be. You're just plain wrong on so many counts, that I don't know what else to tell you other than to get a history book.

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#49008519) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space

Yeah, they also promised not to harm Ukrainian territorial integrity if Ukraine gave up it's nuclear arsenal too.

First of all, it's still up for debate, whether they did. Crimeans voted to secede, which is one of the provisions of the UN Charta.
Also, the US (as one of the signatories of the Budapest Memorandum) was supposed to

3. Refrain from using economic pressure on Ukraine in order to influence its politics.

Instead it pumped over 5 billion USD into it and was responsible for TWO coups, one of them successful. (Check Nuland, or Obama's recent speech about how the US "brokered a deal" to transition power).
Also, stop acting as if it wasn't in everybody's fucking best interest to not have another country with nuclear capabilities in Europe.

It turns out that nothing that comes out of the <insert any country except for Finland here> government's mouths is trustworthy.

FTFY. You can't trust any government (except the Finns).

Your anti-US rhetoric makes that pretty clear.

in response to

Right. Because there's only one "right" view. [...] I do, however condemn the actions of all participating parties: US, EU and Russia. It's embarrassing to have such petty conflicts, in the XXI century.

Very anti-US what I'm writing there. Extremely. Not.

Has it learnt lessons? Most definitely.

LOL, wut?! Apparently not the right ones, see NSA, Lybia, Syria, ISIL, Sudan, Venezuela, Iraq #3 (or was it 4?), Afghanistan, support of Gaza war^H^H^Hgenocide last summer, fucking Ferguson, the list goes on and on.

And then you're calling me one-sided? Get off those hard drugs/pharmaceuticals, dude. They're bad for your perception of actual reality. Try some LSD instead.
You don't have to admit that you're wrong, just do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself with your ignorance in front of every other sane person in the room.

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#49003017) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space

I can't tell if you're ignorant, or just Russian, but what? -

Lots of Russians don't support what's happening, Captain Stereotype.

You realise that's exactly how Russia has treated that Tatars [...]

You do realize what the Tatars were doing during WWII? You also do realize that the USSR != Russia? You do realize that the USSR apologized?

No it hasn't, it's was a primarily Tatar population until post-World War II when the USSR ethnically cleansed them from the region.

Get your facts straight: "[Tatars were] the relative largest ethnic population until the end of 19th century[...]" ([Crimean Tatars]

The fact you're trying to justify it tells us one thing, that you only support the Russian point of view, and are wholly against the view of almost the entirety of the rest of the world. That's not balanced or rational, that's called being a Russian puppet.

Right. Because there's only one "right" view. You know what your opinion tells me? That you've been successfully brainwashed.
As opposed to you, my view is not one-sided. I do, however condemn the actions of all participating parties: US, EU and Russia. It's embarrassing to have such petty conflicts, in the XXI century.
Also, as opposed to you, I've actually been around the places we're talking about, so please, kindly, do shut up if you have no clue of what you're talking about.

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#48984719) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space

I guess we both agree that it's humiliating for all participating parties to let it have come to this and both hope that the situation won't escalate further.

Regarding Crimea, and after looking at what is happening in the east, I fully support Russia's sending in of troops to avert the coup-powers treating the Crimean peoples as "subhumans". Besides, the only issue, where they've overstepped their boundaries is exactly that: overstepping the boundaries of their bases' perimeters. Russia was allowed to have a *lot* of troops in Crimea (AFAIK up to 50k or so). So it's not as black and white as you seem to understand it.

"they weren't given the chance to tell us openly"
Crimea (and Sevastopol) was an autonomous region of Ukraine with a predominantly Russian population (which has been so since Catherine the Great). They chose to secede.
Tell me, if you were distinguishable as a foreigner and the Ku Klux Clan/Nazis/whatever would take over the Hill, wouldn't you want to make use of your autonomy as fast as possible to declare yourself independent of them? Because that's what happened there. Somehow, though, the "international community" wanted them to wait and see what would happen. (Hint, look at Odessa, Donbass and other examples and you can have an idea of what would have happened.)

[In the 1991 Ukrainian independence referendum, btw, Crimea (and Sevastopol) voted with only ~56% for the independence of Ukraine (turnout at 60%). Also, on 01/20/1991, there was another referendum in Crimea (and Sevastopol) about its reinstitution as an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the participants of the union agreement (i.e. the USSR) in which ~81% of the Crimean population voted affirmative (i.e. to become part of the union as an autonomous republic again.) and, though previously existing as an an ASSR only as part of the RSFSR, it was instead integrated into the Ukrainian sphere of influence. (Crimean ASSR)
I think this is also an interesting and often forgotten tidbit in the argument about where Crimea belongs.]

there was no Scottish style referendum where the people were given the option without being asked at gunpoint.

You mean a Scottish style referendum, where the BBC was used to sway public opinion in London's favor? What happened to the promises of greater autonomy for Scotland? Regardless of these rhetorics, I haven't seen any conclusive indication of the 2014 Crimean referendum being held at gunpoint. What I did see is that the (western) media didn't have issues accepting the transparent ballot boxes during the Ukrainian election, while the same containers were heavily criticized during the Crimean refendum.
Regarding NATO, again, it should have ceased to exist together with the Warsaw Pact, instead NATO builds anti-missile systems in Europe that point you know where.

"Why is it bad when the US funds NGOs but okay for other nations to fund GOs?" First of all, what's the difference, whether you fund the opposition directly or indirectly?
And second, the extortionist methods of the US using economic blockades, briberies and corporate takeovers of other countries together with the installation of puppet governments stands in absolutely no comparison to the (also embarrassing) actions of any other country including Russia. The dollar imperialism along with might projections to subjugate other nations and countries is just wrong by any (untwisted) ethical measure.
"far right National Front"
Just look at who's in power in Kiev. Same shit. Probably worse; one word: "Subhumans."

"it's nonsense to keep criticising the US and to defend Russia" Both sides are bad^h^h^hterrible, but the truth is what matters. And it is being twisted in many ways. I've seen many times how the media presents single data points as common practice, totally distorts reality or makes up things to suite their current policy. Seen this in and with the USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Austria & Germany, Britain, Greece, US, ...
Seen this happen so many times that I just don't believe a word without double and triple-checking them for facts.
The more a side seems to be bashed on, the more I try to understand their position. Be it Microsoft or Russia. There are exceptions (e.g. SCO).

I believe we should all step back and work together as people/humans, not as governments. That's the only way we can focus on our similarities and achieve peaceful synergies. Vying for domination is a zero-sum game at best and I prefer a multi-polar world over a unipolar any day.

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#48973841) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space
As far as I remember, a deal was brokered, but Israel insisted on being the Jewish state of Israel, so who's really obstructing a peaceful solution there?
Same ol' hardliners...
Yeah, it's harder to constantly strive for win-win situations, but in the end it's much more rewarding.
I don't understand why they can't just throw religion out of the equation and have two secular countries, one predominantly Jewish, the other Muslim? Do a Middle Eastern Union for fucks sake. Accept that there's two (or more) interpretations of history. Stop insisting on yours being the proper one.

I cannot believe you would honestly be supportive of people being killed for trying to live.

Are you serious? They launched a full-scale war last year over what should have been a fucking criminal case.
I'm completely opposed to any deaths, but unfortunately my opinion counts little, because apparently hypocrisy is rooted so deep that people in neighboring countries are not regarded as humans but as animals for slaughter.

Comment: Re:I love the snark here (Score 1) 81

by qpqp (#48971753) Attached to: State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space
You're waaay oversimplifying events here.

Regardless of that and the notion of "who are 'you' to decide the future of another nation" -- the attitude that is probably creating most tensions all over the world and should be long gone --, it is possible to have a check on all and any movement of every military unit.
Such an omniscience in relation to reconnaissance coupled with the military capability of the UN is more than enough to prevent any of the non-superpower countries from doing anything that could seriously affect stability in the surrounding region(s).

Regarding Russia's so-called aggression, I'd recommend at least trying to understand their position: NATO should have long been disbanded, instead it's encroaching on Russia's borders; cold-war rhetorics long since obsolete are still in use by neo-cons and their puppets to form public opinion via mass media; NGOs and other "institutions" are financing color revolutions all over the world (e.g. USAID), in the name of "democracy" (i.e. privatize everything, enslave your people, follow our lead); I could go on, but to summarize, I'll just use your own words: "Politics isn't black and white."

Also, if everything you know about a region or culture comes from the media, you should be extra careful when jumping to conclusions. There's always multiple perspectives to a story, and you're only hearing one (orchestrated by the interests of a few powerful people who'd be glad to send you to your doom for a penny or two extra in their accounts). Instead of letting yourself be instrumentalized, better remember that these are all people like you and me, who didn't have the luck to be born into our consumerist society constantly striving for more markets to sell their crap to. And maybe it's ok if they don't agree with this world-view and defend their own.

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made. -- Jean Giraudoux