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Comment: Re:Woaaaaaah (Score 1) 133

the only interesting thing about this machine is the Thunderbolt 2 port

Which is not directly connected to the CPU's PCIe-lanes:

Intel has never allowed motherboard vendors [save Apple] to hang the Thunderbolt silicon / add-in card off the CPU's PCIe lanes.

So we're still all waiting for Skylake and TB3.

Comment: Re:They're bums, why keep them around (Score 1) 742

by qpqp (#49768193) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment
When was that? In a non-existing peace-treaty, possibly?
It is quite possible to argue that we're still in WWII, as there was no peace treaty between the German Reich (or the FRG, which assumed the administrative rights over most of its territory) and only the troops capitulated. Also there's no peace treaty between Japan and the USSR, there's probably a few more trivia bits that I'm unaware of.
Also, Germany (the population, actually) was supposed to get (give itself) a constitution during the reunification process. This was successfully avoided as well.
As there's no proper lever against Germany (e.g. Germany only submits itself to rulings in Den Haag, for situations that occurred after 2008), theres not a lot Greece can do, except default in their face.
(I'll be happy to provide sources, if you require them, but these facts are pretty much common knowledge and easy to find.)

Comment: Re:Not very serious (Score 5, Informative) 95

by qpqp (#49680993) Attached to: 'Venom' Security Vulnerability Threatens Most Datacenters

Seems a lot of hype about nothing to be honest and scaremongering.

From venom.crowdstrike.com:

Floppy drives are outdated, so why are these products still vulnerable?
For many of the affected virtualization products, a virtual floppy drive is added to new virtual machines by default. And on Xen and QEMU, even if the administrator explicitly disables the virtual floppy drive, an unrelated bug causes the vulnerable FDC code to remain active and exploitable by attackers.

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