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Comment: Friendliness towards religion (Score 1) 1345

by qbrick (#37551118) Attached to: Science and Religion Can and Do Mix, Mostly

From what I see there is a widespread tolerance towards religious people especially among non-religious people, so every outcome of a study, that describes how remote the points of disagreements between the two are in real-life, doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately tolerance and benignity is more and more a matter of the non-religious. I'm waiting for the day when this is going to change.

Comment: Re:Nature is cruel. (Score 1) 256

by qbrick (#36471688) Attached to: Iowa Rejects Video Privacy Protection For Cows

So you have the same serenity and tranquility about your own being robbed, raped (yes, rape is "just natural" for some fellow humans) and slaughtered? Or is it, that your concept of nature is severely flawed by allocating cruelty just to all species except of that you belong to?

It's a sign of human civilization to take responsibility for life circumstances of beings who are at our mercy and understand that they are sentient beings avoiding suffering and pain as best as they are able to. We should help them to minimize their suffering and pain whenever possible.
It is due to ignorance and greed however, that some do not care a bit and even justify cruelty.

Comment: Nothing to see here (Score 2) 822

by qbrick (#36288348) Attached to: Germany To End Nuclear Power By 2022

The pro-nucular bias of the Slashdot audience is always amazing - technocratic and enomically ignorant.
Germany's government effectively reinstalled the former agreement which hasalready been set up with the German nuclear industry years ago, today. There is nothing new here so stop standing and looking. Germany is researching ways of substituting the meager 22% (before the most recent de-plugs of the older plants) of its Atomkraftanteil. There is a chance that other economies will ask for what Germany has to offer someday - not just on the field of renewables but also how to get rid of defunct plants and other still unsolved problems of nuclear power generation.
What the country is doing now has a grounding, or do you really think the Germans with their fetish realationship to their industry production would do such a thing head-over-heels?


Comment: Re:makes sense (Score 1) 609

by qbrick (#36286340) Attached to: RMS Cancels Lectures In Israel

Great example of vulgar-marxist black-white thinking rough-and-ready painted in rainbow colors. Why should a vulnerable society under attack like Israel behave in accordance to your Swedish arcadian gardenplot democracy.
BTW the shameful events in Malmà have been broadcasted and drilled down by left-liberal german tele. Now you can accuse me of putting too much emphasis on the history of my country, wouldn't be surprised, since you even do not have the balls to say, 'yes, islamic immigrants threatened and hunted down jewish citizens, yes, swedish executive did nothing to stop that, officials of the city of Malmà replied what you just replied ("don't THOSE jews deserve a bit of mistreatment, considered what THEY are doing to the palestinians!"), yes a lot of swedish jews fleed the country, because they didn't feel accepted there any more and yes, this is all shameful'.

Comment: Re:Now where CentOS 6? (Score 1) 90

by qbrick (#36188810) Attached to: Red Hat Pushes Out Enterprise Linux 6.1

Even with only a single machine running with Centos5, I would have felt much more uncomfortable with that one with all the security updates from the upstream-vendor waiting for testing and release in the Centos domain, while ScientificL had them all out in-time (as quick as they usually offer them to the users). This inexplainable hiatus of bug fix and security update releases hasn't occurred for the first time. I always wonder how this behavior is overlooked by many of Centos' vocal supporters, many of them claiming to use this distro on a number of business machines and feeling happy with it, so everything is fine.

Comment: No suprise such a thing happens in the US (Score 1) 916

by qbrick (#36060924) Attached to: Evolution Battle Brews In Texas

...when you have vast parts of the population living in poverty and uneducated.
Care for the social crcumstances of your people, invest in your country's educational infrastructure and acceptance of and interest for science will increase in the whole society. There are more studies than I can count, putting low educational standards in relation to wacky religious mindsets like those of Christians and Muslims - and vice versa.

Comment: Re:Freedom Fatigue (Score 1) 154

by qbrick (#35395186) Attached to: Politics: Libyan Rebels Announce Creation of a Republic

It's disillusionment, really. Most of my fellow westerners have realized, that democracy doesn't have the slightest chance in near and middle east anyway. There is no soil for it.
Some people may call the outcome of the recent events in egypt and tunisia 'a democratic regime', but for us it's not; like the so called Cairo declaration of human rights does not deserve to wear the words 'human rights'.
BTW we westerners are fully occupied with struggling against our governements for our own countries' freedom.

Comment: Europe's up - India is next (Score 1) 763

by qbrick (#32358520) Attached to: A delicious steak should be ...
...you insensitive Americans. Seriously, I used to prefer it rare and with pepper. And still today, when one of those mobile sausage grills is near it's mouthwatering for me. However, when I found out I was not that dependent on eating meat as I thought for the first three decades of my life I would be, I just stopped. I feel for the creatures and don't want them to be slaughtered for a tasty meal, so I enjoy tasty meals without meat. BTW this episode of Twilight Zone (or a similar 90s mystery tv show) comes to my mind. Humans had discovered a planet with easy to kill animals living on it and so they started a massacer for fun - until the parents came. Turned out the planet was kind of a cradle for this species. From tough heartless hunters to whining little boys. Farewell mankind!

Comment: Consumist thinking at work (Score 1) 359

by qbrick (#32311972) Attached to: Oil Arrives In Louisiana; Defense Booms Inadequate
US media showing the world how to deal with such an event: Start with small notes and later, when the scale of the desaster knocks down the door of accumulating private wealth of the many make a dramatized TV feature and later a blockbuster about a brave ocean floor driller who tried to avert the catastrophe. But never ever mistrust the company in reality. You can still look surprised later when it seems appropriate.

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