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Comment: Re:Should Novell have lost? (Score 5, Informative) 283

by qbncgar (#9706858) Attached to: Novell as Open Source Hero?
I've used ZENworks since it became a product, I was a v1.0 beta tester.

Before you write off Novell completely, consider the following:

1) I have two helpdesk staff supporting 40 locations and 500 users across the US.
2) I have no other IT support outside our headquarters.
3) I can have someone whose PC catches fire, sit down at any other PC in the building and be back up and running in 5 minutes. With no intervention.

This is why you want to distribute per user, or entitle individuals to applications. You're leveraging the fact that identity is meaningful.

4) My helpdesk can reimage any PC back to known good, off-network, in less than 30 minutes, anywhere in my company.

This is why you want ZEN in particular. It provides a cohesive link between individual, PC, and applications, and allows you to centrally manage all of them.

Spend some time doing serious network administration at a big company, and you'll probably wish for ZEN or something like it. "Automate Everything", one of the core rules of system administration.

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