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Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 2) 100

Cox also lets you just buy a cable modem and install it yourself, without a visit from a technician. Comcast and other companies require you to have a tech visit and charge you $100 just to plug in a modem.

Nope, not my experience. The last time I upgraded my cable modem (18 months ago?), I called Comcast tech support, plugged it in myself and was up and running in 15 to twenty minutes tops. I have never had them come out to just plug in a cable modem.

Comment Re:Same happened to me (Score 1) 262

and it took all 6 of them to do your job half as well but the cost for 6 was 3x what the company was paying you

And that is what makes the least sense out of it all.

While it may not make sense to you from a programming point of view, the outsourcing money will be a different line item in the companies budget than your salary. And that can improve the overall bottom line, and hence make it attractive from a financial point of view. As an analogy it can be better financially for companies to lease rather than own the buildings or equipment they use.

Comment Re:Its About Time (Score 1) 262

If Americans cared and were appalled by Disney's disgusting treatment of American citizens, they have the ability to vote with their dollars

But the new Star Wars movie is coming out soon, and it has that new cute robot that my kids will want as a toy on Christmas day.

I'd bet that 99% of the population doesn't even think of Disney having an IT department, let alone understanding H1B1 visa abuse. And did these same American citizens vote with their dollars when Disney was trying to shut down low cost housing 7 years ago? Disney has a long history of not being a nice company, but people still but their products.

Comment Re:Common keyboard for Windows and OS X (Score 2) 505

Alt and Win are flopped. If you're trying to form finger memory between Mac, Windows, Mac w/ Windows keyboard, and Windows w/ Mac keyboard, it's a giant pain in the ass.

Given that things like cut and paste are totally different key strokes between Windows and Mac, worrying about key placement seems kinda pointless.

Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 4, Insightful) 193

It's irresponsible to continue to do this.

I was browsing Stack Overflow the other day and looked at an SQL/PHP based question. The poor guy asking the question was obviously a n00b who was just starting to code, and had googled around to find a solution to his problem but it wasn't quite working for him (and hence the SO question).

From what I saw the problem wasn't that he was a stupid n00b, it was that his googling had turned up horrendously bad PHP code (using ancient DB connection style code, plus totally SQL injection ready) and he didn't know the difference between that code and best practices. So it seems that part of the problem is the act of using google itself and how good code and bad code examples are presented as equals solely based on what ever google's page rank algorithm de jour is. And I can't see how you can fix that without purging google of all the bad code examples.

Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 1) 461

Or click the "+" button at the right hand end of the tabs.

Or right click a link and select the top item in the contextual menu.

Or command click a link

Or press command-t.

I was talking about a blank tab, and not opening an existing link in a new tab. So your only relevant suggestions are the "+" and the "T". Both of which are inferior to what has been taken away. The "+" places the tab at the far right and not where I want it, the "T" requires me to move my hands around when I didn't have to before.

Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 1) 461

..not having that as a context option makes sense to me - it's not an operation on the link.

In that sense I agree, but 8 years of muscle memory disagrees with you.

However while creating a blank tab is not a function you perform on an existing tab, it is a function perform on the Tab Bar itself. So it is relevant in that sense.

Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 1) 461

Or you could just click the "+" sign on the right of the tab bar.

Yes I could, but the advantage of the contextual menu click was that I could open up a new tab in proximity to another tab. And in that way keep things arranged the way I wanted rather than open up a tab at the far right and then drag the new tab to where I originally wanted it in the first place.

Comment Re:Not Sure (Score 3, Interesting) 461

Not sure who originated it, perhaps it was Apple, but the entire minimalist "flat" design paradigm is a UI shipwreck.

It wasn't too bad before the whole skeuomorphism reversal. I think Apple overreacted when they dumped that design philosophy and they went too far in the other direction. (but skeuomorphism was something that was really starting to annoy me) For example, buttons in iOS used to have nice "button-y" like visual appearances. Now they are simply a line of text that you are supposed to guess is actually a button.

When Microsoft came out with the ribbon, I thought, this is bad.

To be fair to Microsoft, I have used programs where the ribbon actually made sense and improved the work flow. But they were graphical designs programs that present objects on the ribbon that you could easily select and drag onto the design surface. On the other hand both Word and Excel regularly piss me off when I have to find something on the ribbon.

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