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+ - Steam after death?

Submitted by kuzb
kuzb (724081) writes "I'm a gamer. I probably will be until the day it's not possible anymore. Like many others, I've got heavy investment in my steam library which now encompasses hundreds of titles and represents thousands of dollars. As a gamer, the games I've acquired are as important to me as any other item which might have sentimental value to someone else.

It got me thinking, what happens to all this media when I die? What happens with other services where I have media? Is it legal for me to will this content to someone else, or do all the rights to such content just vanish?"

+ - Police Could Charge a Data Center in the Largest Child Porn Bust Ever->

Submitted by sarahnaomi
sarahnaomi (3948215) writes "It could be the largest child porn investigation ever conducted.

Canadian police say they’ve uncovered a massive online file sharing network for exploitative material that could involve up to 7,500 users in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

But unlike past investigations into the distribution of child porn, which typically involve targeting suspects individually, police have instead seized over 1.2 petabytes of data—more than four times the amount of data in the US Library of Congress—from a data center responsible for storing the material, and may even attempt to lay criminal charges against its operators, too.

“What we are alleging is occurring is that there are individuals and organizations that are profiting from the storage and the exchange of child sexual exploitation material,” Scott Tod, Deputy Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), told Motherboard at a conference late last month, after speaking to a crowd of defence specialists. “They store it and they provide a secure website that you can log into, much like people do with illegal online gaming sites.”"

Link to Original Source

+ - Isis and Al-Qaeda terrorists using eBay, Reddit and porn to send coded messages ->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Islamic State (Isis) and Al-Qaeda terrorists have been turning to Reddit, eBay and pornography to send coded messages to their followers, according to an author with sources inside Mossad.

Mossad operatives now routinely monitor social bookmarking website Reddit, where messages can be hidden easily due to the plethora of subreddit sections and millions of posts of comments in each section of the website."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Follow the herd or vanish (Score 1) 366

by Iamthecheese (#49160743) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links
More than once most or all popular media has agreed on "facts" that are not. When that happens a large number of people accept the claim as truth. This doesn't change for years at a time. Suppression of unpopular truths will be far more effective if people aren't even made aware that there is a dispute.

+ - Research Suggests That Saunas Help You Live Longer

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "A study of Finnish men suggests that frequent sauna baths may help you live longer. Previous research has suggested that saunas might improve blood vessel function and exercise capacity, or even lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension. The new study links long, hot sauna baths with more benefits, including fewer deaths from heart attacks, strokes, various heart-related conditions and other causes. The study tracked 2315 Finnish men for nearly 20 years on average. Most participants used saunas at least once weekly. Those who used them four to seven times weekly received the greatest benefits. The study published in JAMA Internal Medicine wraps up by saying that further studies are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and the aforementioned cardiovascular benefits."

+ - Genetic Data Analysis Tools Reveal How US Pop Music Evolved

Submitted by KentuckyFC
KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The history of pop music is rich in anecdotes, folklore and controversy. But despite the keen interest, there is little in the form of hard evidence to back up most claims about the evolution of music. Now a group of researchers have used data analysis tools developed for genomic number crunching to study the evolution of US pop music. The team studied 30-second segments of more than 17,000 songs that appeared on the US Billboard Hot 100 between 1960 and 2010. Their tools categorised the songs according to harmonic features such as chord changes as well as the quality of timbre such as whether guitar-based, piano-based orchestra-based and so on. They then used a standard algorithm for discovering clusters within networks of data to group the songs into 13 different types, which turned out to correspond with well known genres such as rap, rock, country and so on. Finally, they plotted the change in popularity of these musical types over time. The results show a clear decline in the popularity of jazz and blues since 1960. During the same period, rock-related music has ebbed and flowed in popularity. By contrast, was rare before 1980 before becoming the dominant musical style for 30 years until declining in the late 2000s. The work answers several important question about the evolution of pop music, such as whether music industry practises have led to a decline in the cultural variety of new music and whether British bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones triggered the 1964 American music revolution [spoiler: no in both cases]."

Comment: Re:It's almost like the Concord verses the 747 aga (Score 1) 155

by OzPeter (#49154369) Attached to: Hyperloop Testing Starts Next Year

$56M doesn't really apply here, even if we were talking about a transcontinental hyper loop. I don't know if you've ever driven across the country, but there is a whole lot of empty space. Building stuff there is significantly cheaper than where stuff already exists.

A 4 lane highway in rural areas costs about $5 million per mile (*). And while a road is not an enclosed vacuum tube, the vacuum tube would be many more times complex to build (and maintain) than the road - for example, there its the infrastructure needed to keep the hyperloop pumped down to its working pressure, as you can be sure that leaks will occur.

But that infrastructure will have to be dispersed across the length of the hyper loop, as a pumping station in LA or NYC will not be able to deal with a leak in the midwest until the air introduced in that leak makes its way to either end of the loop - meaning both a huge volume of air, and a huge lag time until it gets there. And huge vacuum pumps will not be cheap, and will have to be powered by something. So there you are building not only the hyper loop, but at a minimum HV transmission lines for the pumping stations and possibly power stations as well (be they solar, wind, nuke or coal), as well as the roads needed to reach that infrastructure . Plus as you say .. you are doing it in the middle of nowhere,which is going to jack up prices in its own way.

So it does't take much for the cost per mile to start adding up.

* $5 million per mile cost for a 4 lane highway is taken from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association website. And it rises to $9 million in urban areas.

Comment: Re:It's almost like the Concord verses the 747 aga (Score 3, Insightful) 155

by OzPeter (#49153875) Attached to: Hyperloop Testing Starts Next Year

Actually, it's the Return on investment (ROI) that matter in business. Or in other word, how many time it'll take to make enough profit to cover the cost of the initial investment. And in this case, the US$9.95 billion California High-Speed Rail is a huge example on how much money you can make on transportation.

Using the $56 million per km quoted on California High-Speed Rail as the low estimate of how much it would cost to build a hyper loop, the minimum cost across the US would be $56 million per km * 3000 miles * 1.6 km per mile = $270 Billion dollars MINIMUM. That's going to have a hell of a long ROI, and because of that I can't see anyone in their right mind financing such a project in the near future.


Google Reverses Stance, Allows Porn On Blogger After Backlash 101

Posted by timothy
from the interns'-eyes-getting-really-big dept.
mpicpp writes In a reversal, Google says that porn will continue to be allowed on its Blogger site. Google said it has received a big backlash after deciding earlier in the week that bloggers will no longer be able to "publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity." The ban was to have taken place on March 23.

Instead, Google said that the company would simply double down on its crackdown of bloggers who use their sites to sell porn.
In July, Google stopped porn from appearing in its online ads that appear on Blogger. And in 2013, Google decided to remove blogs from its Blogger network that contained advertisements for online porn sites. "We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities," wrote Jessica Pelegio, Google's social product support manager, in a post on Google product forums. "So rather than implement this change, we've decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.

Comment: Re:Consumers win (Score 1) 207

by OzPeter (#49151041) Attached to: Lenovo Saying Goodbye To Bloatware

I thought we were talking about Suppliers shipping bloatware with their *products*... iTunes is REQUIRED if you use you iPod with a PC.

You thought wrong. It is a comparison between what is on an Apple computer when you pull it out of the box vs what is on a Windows computer (of various brands) when you pull it out of the box.

As has been stated previously, iTunes on Windows is an Apples to Oranges comparison. This is the same as complaining that in order to use a Zune on a Mac, you have to install additional software (albeit most likely a better experience than iTunes on Windows)

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