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Comment: Re:BES? (Score 2) 184

by qamerr (#42815729) Attached to: BlackBerry 10 Review: Good, But Too Late?
These are the highlights I jotted down from an article I read when doing some quick research at work:
  • BES won't manage BlackBerry 10 devices, and RIM won't upgrade BES to do so. Instead, the imminent BES 5.0.4 is the end of the road, though it will be supported for the foreseeable future.
  • RIM now says it will ship a new mobile management server called BlackBerry Device Service to manage BlackBerry 10 devices. But BDS won't manage today's BlackBerrys.
  • At the end of the day, this means an organization will need to run both BES and BDS servers if they have a mix of BlackBerry devices: BlackBerry 7 and earlier smartphones will be managed by BES, and BlackBerry 10 smartphones and any PlayBooks will be managed by BDS.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (not Server, as in BES) allows IT to manage both BES and BDS devices from a single pane of glass. It's not a unified BlackBerry management server, just a common front end.
  • If you choose not to deploy BDS, BlackBerry 10 smartphones and PlayBook 2.0 tablets can be managed via a server that supports Exchange ActiveSync, as they support the core EAS policies. Such servers include Microsoft Exchange, System Center 2012, Google Apps for Enterprise, and a whole cottage industry of cloud-based EAS-based MDM services. RIM says BDS will offer more management capabilities for its devices than EAS provides.

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by qamerr (#40871665) Attached to: IT Support Pro Tells Why He Hates Live Chat
I just recently had an iPhone that was on AT&T unlocked. I went to the AT&T support chat site and asked them if I could unlock the phone since it was off contract and the support person on the chat said one moment, came back and said the phone was unlocked and emailed me instructions on what to do next. I tried doing this over the phone and kept getting passed around and no one knew what unlocking was or wanted to know why, etc. Maybe I got lucky on the chat, but it was still super easy and saved a ton of time.

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by qamerr (#39368485) Attached to: New Frog Species Found In NYC
I read this in the New York Times yesterday, and apparently they look just like the existing leopard frogs and the experts can't necessarily distinguish the new species by eye.

From the NYT:
Local amphibian fans can be forgiven for not noticing the new frog's unique nature. "I wouldn't know which one I was holding because they all look so similar," said Ms. Newman, who is now pursuing her Ph.D. at Louisiana State University. "But all of our results showed this one's lineage is very clearly genetically distinct."

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by qamerr (#38956933) Attached to: Halliburton To Dump Blackberry For iOS
I was a BlackBerry user for 7 years and switched to the iPhone a little over a year ago at work. My biggest concern was the lack of phsyical keyboard and the lack of a message indicator light (my BlackBerry would flash a red light on top when a new message arrived.) I adapated to the virtual keyboard in just a few days and I'm just as fast, if not faster because of the autocorrect, on the iPhone's keyboard. It took me about a week or so to get over not having the indicator light, but now I don't miss it. I wouldn't want to go back to the BlackBerry, the RDP/SSH client is much easier to use on the iPhone, the other apps seem more polished, and I don't have to reset the device near as often as I've had to do with my BlackBerries.

Comment: Rhapsody does this (Score 1) 495

by qamerr (#36323462) Attached to: Tennessee Makes it Illegal To Share Your Netflix Password
I have a rhapsody account a girl friend and I share and use on our iPhones. Occasionally I will be streaming music and it will pop up and say my account is in use on another device do I want to kick the other person off or stop listening. Rhapsody will let you have 5 devices registered I think it is, but only 1 concurrent stream.

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by Tim C (#31710788) Attached to: Google Gets <em>Quake II</em> Running In HTML5

No nullable primitive types.

They have them for primitive types, actually, and had for ages - java.lang.Integer for int etc.

No, that's not the same thing. Integer (and Long, etc) are objects, not primitives. The GP's point was that in Java you can't say e.g.

int i = null;

I've not tried that (and don't have a JDK installed on this machine) but I would expect a compile-time error. (I've not tried it in C# either for that matter)

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by Chemisor (#31710704) Attached to: White House Issues New Gas Mileage Standards

>> Won't this just make people buy new cars less often?
> and this is a bad thing... how?

Considering that cars are one of the few products that are still manufactured in the US, I'd say it could be a bad thing. A country that thinks that it can survive on imports without making anything itself is going to get exactly what it deserves: bankrupcy.

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