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Comment: Re:XKCD is correct (Score 1) 549

by q4Fry (#48187417) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct
A cute (open source?) strength tester I have been playing with recently is made by a guy at Dropbox. It has some flaws**, but it's cute and it analyzes weaknesses.

** Mostly dictionary size, but in order to run in the browser without sending the password to a server for analysis, the dictionaries need to be small enough to load in a reasonable time.

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by q4Fry (#48098879) Attached to: Tesla Is Starting a Certified Preowned Program
I bought a new (entirely coincidence: "Cash for Clunkers" brought new cars into used-car price range) car for the reliability scores. It has lasted 5 years already, and I'm hoping for another 10. When I bought it, my goal was to never buy another ICE vehicle, and I'm beginning to think that was a reasonable aspiration.

The dealer asked if I wanted to trade it in for a newer model year "for the same or lower monthly payment." They lost interest when I asked if the payment would be lower than 0.

I don't think I fit your leasing model.

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Besides, alcoholic beverages can't go through a self-scan.

They do here. The guy who oversees six self-scan booths** gets a ping when I scan the booze, and either (1) guesses my age and clicks the approve button or (2) walks over, interrupts me for the 15 seconds to verify my age, approves it, and goes back to his booth.

** Presumably to discourage obvious or brazen thievery?

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I couldn't help but think "Someone has to have tried to get this into AOSP. It seems ridiculous that they wouldn't have.

It turns out that at least some of the code was written a year ago and still hasn't been merged. If one of you Slashdotters is a gerrit reviewer, can you check out the these two requests?

Comment: Re:OEMs cannot write software (Score 1) 427

I looked at the F-Droid .ics adapter source, which looked like it would work for importing and exporting .ics files, but after the events were in, that was the end of the life cycle. It probably couldn't maintain a subscription in case of event cancellations or updates.

...Oh. Sorry. Just did some research. You're talking about this, instead, right?

My cynical theory on why there is crappy support in the AOSP app is that Google specifically desires you to use their calendar so they can mine the data.

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by q4Fry (#48028389) Attached to: The Physics of Space Battles
I had heard (IIRC it was on /. itself) that the (a?) problem with the battles in the BSG remake is this: if there is FTL travel, one can jump in a few light-minutes from a target*, see exactly where they are**, and jump in right on top of them to launch nukes before they have a chance to "see" the radiation emanating from your first exit from FTL because it has to travel the minutes or hours to reach them.

* Substitute light-hours if your FTL charge-time requires it
** Or (more precisely) where they were very recently

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by q4Fry (#47966303) Attached to: Washington DC To Return To Automatic Metro Trains
With respect to the Verizon/non-Verizon service, I had been tracking that (excitedly) at the time. There was an investment package from various wireless companies and a roll out plan for non-Verizon cell service in (1) the top 20 stations for October 2009, (2) all other underground stations by Fall 2010, and (3) all tunnels by October 2012.

They got the first two down, but the third step never materialized, with Metro blaming the wireless companies for not doing the work, and the wireless companies correspondingly blaming Metro for scheduling times for them to install the equipment in the tunnels (which required Metro staff to be there, and necessitated diverting trains around them), but then not showing up as agreed. Here's a story by The Examiner on the he-said she-said stuff. (Note: The Examiner is very right-biased on political issues, but I've found their local investigative reporting to be sound and insightful.)

I have plenty of material for crazy-thing-happened-on-the-Metro stories, but I'll save those for another time.

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by q4Fry (#47918635) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future
Science fiction allows you to craft a setting around an idea in order to explore the idea more fully. The setting could be past, present, future, whatever.

Convincing a high school english teacher that robots didn't automatically make a story unreadable once proved very difficult.

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