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Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

Not dying right now is a pretty obvious step in preserving the means for retaliation. In this case, there are entities who have offered (however willingly or begrudgingly) their support in keeping the refugees alive. In the situation of a refugee, I'd take that support.

I have friends who cycled out of Cambodia while Pol Pot was trying to start a Dark Age all on his own, and another friend who walked across Sudan because the militia was after him. The first crew makes a living in counseling. The other guy worked three jobs to put himself through college in Public Health and he's going back as soon as he can.

Granted, some people are going to decide that hanging out in the EU is better than going back to fight the assholes that took the home country. You have a good point there. There isn't some general who is going to send them back (children, grandparents and all) to liberate their homeland. (There's a sort of historical example of that, too.) If you're bitter that "it always has to be [you lot]" doing the supporting or the standing up, I can sympathize. But not too much. Your government spends a fraction of your taxes to keep people from extermination. They work in your country. Then, (maybe) they go back and fix theirs.

How much would you be willing to contribute to keep a family of four from being murdered? If it's more than a ten-thousandth of your revenue, your government already has that covered... for hundreds of people.

Comment Re:I wish (Score 1) 100

Energy density may indeed be "the most important characteristic," but charge time, available power, and reliability over repeated charge cycles are also things consumers care about.

I am making entirely wild speculations, here, so dismiss them as such:
- Perhaps with further research, their 10x energy density with 100% oxygen can translate into a 1.5x energy density in normal open air. I'd still be pleased with that.
- Perhaps there isn't an obvious application for a battery with their characteristics, but they're working on (a) a new application previously unavailable, or (b) further tweaking to make their battery's behavior consistent with current applications.

Comment Re:Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump? (Score 1) 470

Why would he, at his age? At this point in his life, he gets to be the cool laid back uncle democrat (forget that whole writing the Patriot Act thing and other skeletons).

Can I have a citation on Biden's involvement with the Patriot Act? I had heard this before (even parroted it myself), but I had trouble finding a concrete citation when it occurred to me to fact-check.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me ... (Score 1) 217

What it will create is a new group of people who THINK they are wonder-programmers who will go into other parts of life thinking they know how to program. I run across these people, many of them who are scientists in other fields who decide to program their own stuff. I should say I've run across their CODE, which is awful. It wastes my time looking for bugs in trivial routines. For example, an input routine that doesn't handle a comment line properly because it is lacking the colon field delimiter and it tries to copy the input string from position -1 to 0 into the output variable. The author used a "friendly" fortran that spent a lot of time checking every parameter for every function. We are using the code for high-performance model runs on a highly parallel system, and that's when every piece of stupid code is uncovered. The one thing to learn from this is to NEVER assume that a bit of trivial code written by an esteemed professor was written correctly. THESE are the kinds of programmers Rahm will be producing.

I don't think the programmers Rahm will be producing are going to become professors. People who become professors and can write a rudimentary program might actually benefit from some training. What Rahm is going to do is...
(1) make people try to program who have as much inclination to it as I did for the papier mache part of Art class;
(2) make people try to program who are desperate to do well, but can't, and can't understand why;
(3) give everyone a nephew who "knows code" and spawns a thousand instantly legacy systems rife with bugs that frustrate every professional forced to use, fix, or maintain the system.
(4) Bonus: You'll have to apprentice that nephew so that he can "get some work experience" by hanging out on Facebook while eating into your IT budget.

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