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Comment Could work in your favor... (Score 2, Funny) 114

" 'Imagine what will happen when, decades from now, a president nominates someone to the Supreme Court who had access to Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook at the age of 15."

This could work in alot of people's favor...
When applying as the Head of the Agriculture Department...

"As you can plainly see, I had several successful Farmville farms at age 15."

Comment Re:how quaint (Score 1) 432

If you under-withhold by more than 10% or $500 (whichever's more) you end up owing a penalty.

You have 3 options for underpaying without penalty
1) You can underpay by up to $1000 (not $500)
2) You are correct about underpaying by 10%
3) If your taxable income goes up, you are only required to prepay what your total tax liability was in the previous year. This means if your total tax liability last year was $1000, and then this year your liability went up to $6000 (whether it be because your income increased, or you no longer had certain credits or deductions), you are only required to have prepaid/withheld $1000. Come April 15, you will have to pay the additional $5000, but if you were smart you had it sitting in the bank gaining interest all that time.

I seriously need caffine... I thought this was devolving into a
5) Profit! thread

Comment Re:Friends (Score 1) 504

here's an idea, I've done this before. Maintain your own OS, beit Windows 7, Linux, whatever. Then, buy a laptop or any hardware that fits your needs. Take the harddrive out, and replace it with one of your own, and install the OS on it.

Sure you don't get the bundled CRAP, that comes with it all, though in the end, you have a clean install that you can restore to factory specs in 5 minutes or less.

Most manufacturers have provisions for upgrading harddrives and memory in their warranty so there is no problem.

And yea, the services suck, worked GS for a year.. I felt like a tool every time i sold 400 dollars in upgrades to some old lady on Social Security and it only took an hour to complete. I got canned when I started telling them to just go get an e-machine instead (heck it was always ATLEAST twice the machine they were going to have after the upgrade at half the cost!)

Comment Re:Cue the Second Life expert (but not a lawyer) (Score 2, Interesting) 134

I'll be honest, I used to help run a virtual Cathouse. The girls involved were VERY talented and took their 'job' very seriously, and we never had an unsatisfied customer. For some of the women, it helped them in Reality get over intimacy issues, or escape some real life hardships, much like some escape into a good book.

Those days are gone for numerous reasons, but not due to the lack of quality of the hired.

Comment Re:Cue the Second Life expert (but not a lawyer) (Score 1) 134

I run a set of sims, and this is always on my mind.

I don't ask Real life information because frankly, my customers don't want to give that up, and under Linden Labs TOS, that is a violation. With that contract between me and Linden Labs, I could not require RL information if I wanted to.

monthly I clear the costs of 3 'islands' (295/mo ea) and have to wonder if one day everyone will just poof. I doubt it, but it's a risk I take.

As for the client end (renters) they take the risk of me walking away and canceling my islands, but for their anonymousness, they tolerate that risk.

as one of the other posters said, no those rental contracts I have with them are not 'valid' which is why I simply have a pre-pay agreement with a statement of NO REFUNDS. so if you don't like the terms, don't rent.

My only safety net is to keep a reserve big enough to handle a complete loss of clients just before a billing date. It is just me RP'ing a land-lord, but at least my clients RP paying renters.

Comment Greeeat (Score 1) 369

So, From what I can gather from this article is:
It detects Thermal differences and mannerisms as you approach the portal.

So if you have to take a raging dump because you have a FLU and your nervous about this new "don't worry, act normally" sign you see ahead of you, and your worried you'll get stopped and cause even worse embarrassment to you and your travel partners, your likely to get picked up.

This make me wanna fly just that much more.

Comment Intresting... (Score 1) 77

I find it quite interesting, the most dogged article of the month, and it's about a program that allows Social interaction... On Slashdot?! Go Figure.

A few Stats for the naysayers:
50,000-75,000 players at any given time (24/7)
Well over a Million US Dollars spent daily in world.

Personally, I run 4 'sims' (16 acre chunks of land) and pull in a profit of well over 200-300 US Dollars a month. My community has well over 250 members, and atleast 50 of them are online daily and interact. To the (seems barren, and your always alone) crap, we usually average about 10 - 20 people in-city at any given time, around 40 at bi-weekly events. Personally I pull down 30 bucks in tips whenever we have a gathering.

No Sex/Furry/Slave/camping bullcrap.

The community is a Thriving place for friends, and hell I even get a chance to blow stuff up. Usually disassemble old buildings by Demolition (fire, boom crash).

Reuters Leaving Second Life, well cya. All they tended to do was report on useless stuff and their 'feeds' in world, lagged the hell out of servers.

As for crappy graphics... Hand any amateur a set of 3d tools, you shouldn't expect Fallout 3. Personally, I see graphics in world that blows away any MMO/RPG.


Microsoft's Mundie Sees a Future In Spatial Computing 89

An anonymous reader writes "Speaking at the MIT Emerging Technology Conference, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie explained that he sees the industry evolving into 'spatial computing,' and he envisions a 3-D virtual world populated by virtual presences, using a combination of client and cloud services. 'In a few months, the compay plans to test a new virtual reception assistant in some of its campus buildings. The assistant, which takes the form of an avatar, helps schedule shuttle reservations to get people to various locations across the 10-million-square-foot Redmond, Wash., campus. The system includes array microphones and natural language processing by which the avatar listens to the subjects and then interacts with them in real time. The system has been programmed to differentiate people by their clothing. Someone in a suit, for instance, would more likely be a visitor and not a potential shuttle rider.'"

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?