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In Arizona, Pinal county has 2 main power plants to supply the region. being that this region is predominantly farmland, demands are not very high by population, but farmers require massive amounts in order to power the hundreds of irrigation pumps throughout the region. surprisingly, the power plants out here basically use GE jet turbines, powered by propane.

Comment Right Idea, Wrong approach (Score 2) 357

IMO, I think that a linux user trying to cobble together unstable releases of DE software would consider attempting to fix the software that one likes - I'd make a safe wager that most of one's problems stem from configuration issues. I say that because with my 4 years of limited experience with the linux desktop, I spent plenty of time distro/DE-hopping to find a remedy to having to edit default settings to get usability to the point were I like it. Then I learned that not all software is created equal, and not a single developer out there has the ability to read my mind. I tend to find - in my limited experience - that linux software tends to not "break", but is simply mis-configured for my unique situation by default.

Submission Apple's iPad Dominance Fades->

PolygamousRanchKid writes: On an earnings call earlier this week, Apple revealed that iPad shipments for the most recent calendar quarter rose to 11.12 million units, compared to 9.2 million in the previous quarter. That news, though, was offset Friday by a report from Strategy Analytics that the iPad's share of the global tablet market—previously a domineering 96 percent—had fallen to 67 percent. Meanwhile, Android tabs had grown their market share to 27 percent. "It is clear that the iPad is experiencing slowing growth," observed IDC analyst Tom Mainelli in a research note today. He reasoned that if Apple wants maintain past shipment levels, it's going to have to appeal to mainstream consumers. For them, he continued, $500 for a tablet is a hard sell, even harder in the face of the competition like Amazon's upcoming $199 Kindle Fire.So if Apple wants to compete in that mainstream market, Mainelli maintained, it's going to need to augment its media tablet lineup with lower-priced products. "Following this strategy," he explained, "we might see Apple offer the current $499 16GB/WiFi-only Apple iPad 2 at $399 or less after it launches the iPad 3 at $499 and up."
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five year support will be excellent for the casual user. I think one of the underlying reasons that windows XP is so prolific is that the base OS (kernel, libs, utils) did not change for ten years. with only bugfixes and security patches being applied, the average user was able to become very comfortable with the OS. I would personally like to see other distros go with a 5 yr LTS version, for the installation on PCs whose users I have convinced to switch away from Windows. Or, I get to do a little less hand-holding. 8^)

Submission A Digital Direct Democracy for the Modern Age-> 1

lordofthechia writes: One month ago the White House created an online petition system by which constituents could directly voice any grievances and concerns to the US Goverment. Any petition that reaches 25,000 signatures (5,000 originally) is promised an official reply.

This weekend the first petitions will be closing and already many have far exceeded the required number of signatures. Is this the way for the voice of the electorate to gain more weight in modern politics or is it the web version of a placebo button? Will the President's office really consider the top pleas which include petitions to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, Forgive Student Loan Debt, and Abolish the TSA?

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