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Comment Re:Pardon me, but.... (Score 2, Informative) 83 83

If I'm reading correctly, yes, eventually you could roll your own phone using completely open source stuff - hw and sw. What I'm less clear on is how the signal is being carried. Granted, I didn't read too in depth, but you still need a carrier to allow your phone on their network, no?

Comment UMW (Score 1) 835 835

University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA, for all it's shortcomings, has a fantastic CS faculty - you are using gcc on HP-UX for your compiling, and you're gonna like it. Also, they support Linux. No questions asked - they make you install symantec if you're on a windows box, and they look at you a little funny if you're on OSX, but if you're on linux, you log in with your student log on, and go. Have I mentioned their professors actually teach C and Python because Java is the devil?

Comment Re:Sign me up... (Score 1) 681 681

It's not being forced on employees. It's just a good deal - if you take the course, you get a full version of Windows 7 Ultimate for $10. If people actually drink the kool-aid, that's another problem entirely. Personally, I didn't even read the slides. Just went through and took the tests.

NASA Announces Water Found On Mars 281 281

s.bots writes "Straight from the horse's mouth, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has identified water in a soil sample. Hopefully this exciting news will boost interest in the space program and further exploration of the Martian surface." Clearly, this has long been suspected, but now Martian water's been (in the words of William Boynton, lead scientist for the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer) "touched and tasted."

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